Saturday, February 7, 2009

What a Beautiful Day!!!

Wow! What a beautiful day we are having here in Iowa! Almost 60 degrees in February...Yea :)
I decided I needed to take a break from my scrapbooking and take advantage of the nice weather. I first took a nice jog and then came home and got Harley for a walk. Man, does that dog like to go for a walk :) It makes me happy to watch him out and about...exploring the "big" world (of the 1/2 mile he get to go!).
As you can see in these pics...he likes to lead the show! He pulls his leash out as far as it will go and pulls me along! He refuses to have any slack in his leash. I think he was a mush dog in his previous life :)
He'd stop for a few seconds and check everything out...take a sniff or two...and then he was off again. He kept wanting to go down in the ditch where the weeds were taller than he was! It's little dog syndrome...they like to think they're bigger than they really are :)
I have a thing with shadow shots! I take one almost every time we go for a walk. It was hard to get him to stand still long enough to take the shot. And then he's not tall enough to cast a shadow away from he got in the shot too :)
And then when we got home he needed a drink...and apparently a shower too. He sticks his front feet in the bowl and throws out all the water! He really is a riot...and that's why I love him :)
I hope you are enjoying your day...nice weather or not :) Today has me really wishing it were spring already. Unfortunately I think we still have some cold days ahead of us! That's why I wanted to make the most of today before it was gone :)


  1. He looks like he is having a great time! I took my dogs out for a little walk today, too.

  2. Harley is just so cute! Looks like he had a wonderful time on the walk! I took Sadie for a walk today too!

  3. He looks so cute! Love the shower he gives himself!

  4. Oh, you make me want to feel what you are feeling!

    Thank you for talking me along.


    BTW, to take a shadow shot w/o Harley in the photo, stand on his leash. I am sure he will be as far away as he can get...LOL

    P.S. Go here today ...


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