Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Features - Birthday Wish List

I loved Roses's Birthday Wish List last month and decided to do one for myself this month. My 30th birthday is on Sunday...THE BIG 3-0!!! So today's features are all items I've had my eyes on for quite some time and would love to receive as a gift :)

I could get lost for hours in the jewelry section of Etsy, so this is pretty heavy with awesome jewelry finds!


I actually don't have any plans for my birthday this year. A big party seemed fitting, but I have a big craft show on Saturday and the thought of partying after a big show just makes me guess I am getting old :) I'm hoping to get the air boat out for our Maiden Voyage, but we'll see if the weather cooperates. Otherwise, I'm pretty content with ordering in and catching a movie :)


  1. Early Happy Birthday wishes to you Edi!! Love your birthday wish list, hope your wishes come true!! :)

  2. Have fun and don't party so hard you miss the show =p

  3. That peacock ring is gorgeous! Hope you'll have a wonderful birthday.

  4. Ooh, great wish list!
    I think you should paarrrty - you're only thirty once!
    Go for it and enjoy!!

    p.s.I spent my 30th in a musty office working late... :-/

  5. Happy Birthday, Edi!

    Good luck at the show and enjoy your weekend!

    Love your wish list, especially those colorful button earrings. Thank you for including my PINK chevron oven mitt BTW!

    It's a little chilly for the air boat. Hope it warms up by Sunday.

  6. Well, at the advanced age of 30 it's hard to do a craft show during the day and then party at night!!

    Have a happy birthday no matter what you decide to do!

  7. Thanks for the shout out! I hear you on the jewelry picks on Etsy. I obviously don't need to purchase jewelry...ever, seeing as how I make it all the time. But I still find myself browsing a few favorite shops regularly. I hope that you have a great show and birthday this weekend!!

  8. Cool selections! While you are getting ready to turn 30 I am getting ready to turn 39 on the 11th! That is almost the big 4-0. Yikes! Our lives go by so quickly. Good luck with the craft fair. I hope you have a wonderful birthday too!

  9. Happy Birthday, Edi! I don't really feel like big birthday parties anymore either. Haha. I think when you get older you just have other stuff to do, but a few pretty things from Etsy never hurt. I hope you get everything on your wish list! :)

  10. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great time at the craft show and a relaxing b-day. I wouldn't mind a big party but my friends are so scattered I couldn't see that happening. I like taking trips. Last year we spent the weekend in Richmond, VA and then the year before that it was the Poconos.

  11. Nice selection. I hope you have a great birthday!

  12. Happy birthday special lady!! I hope you're having a great weekend and I hope all your bday wishes come true.

    That peacock ring is so gorgeous.

  13. I hope you're enjoying your day! Happy Birthday Edi!

  14. Sometimes quiet birthday celebrations are wonderful.
    love your choices. The first ring is such a cool design. And I've admired Rose's earrings for a long while.

  15. Great list of items, that ring is so cool and Rose's earrings are perfect for Spring.
    Everyday Inspired


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