Friday, May 30, 2008

Organized Chaos

My scrap room is quite the mess right now! I have projects upon projects started that I can't seem to find time to finish. I get started on something and then get a custom request or need to make a gift for someone. I enjoy creating this way though. That way I never have scrappers block. I always have something to work on :)

Here are a couple of pictures of my scrap room as it sits today:

I'm kind of a piles girl. I tend to stack everything up...and then it falls over. I have started putting individual projects into pizza boxes. They are the perfect size for 12x12 projects and they're easily stackable. The best part is that I got them for free :)
Here are a couple of photos that show my better side when it comes to staying organized:
These paper storage cubes are great for storing 12x12 paper (or paper of any size, really). I have my cardstock organized by color and my patterned paper organized by theme. (i.e. baby, christmas, etc.) The second photo is a storage rack I made using left over pieces from my paper racks and some spools of easy is that :) It stores all my paint by color and it's right at my scrapping table.
Even though it usually is a HUGE mess! I love having a space to call my own and create in. I have a chair on wheels that scoots me from my computer to my scrapping table...and back...several times a day!
What does your "studio" look like? Drop me comments and let me know I'm not the only one who loves organized chaos :)


  1. What an organized set up you have! I do my work in the living room and sometimes outside but I store all my beads and stuff in those plastic drawers, bead boxes, and baskets. The table is also near my computer in the room I call my "only child room" because sometimes I just need my own space :)

  2. Your not the only one! I have to admit I do love to stack! Especially when I was in my old room but now i'm in a bigger room so there more space to stack things! :D Nice blog!

  3. I love your paint caddy. That was a great idea. And the pizza boxes {:-Deb


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