Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let the Countdowns Begin!!!

I have been getting so excited for Christmas this year and all that comes with it. I always start an official countdown for each activity that surrounds the holidays :)
Countdown 1: 10 Days Until My Parents Arrive!!!
This is by far the most important countdown of the season!!! I could do without all the presents, all the great food, all the festivities...just bring my parents home for Christmas! I will get 16 days with my parents this year :) This brings me to my next countdown...
Countdown 2: 7 Working Days Left til Christmas Break!!!
The reason I get to spend so many wonderful days with my parents is because I won't have to be at work! We always shut down over Christmas break, but this year they have decided to shut down the plant for an extra three days. They didn't see much sense in being open on Dec. 22, 23 and Jan we got those days off too!!! I can't wait...this is a much needed break!
Countdown 3: 15 Days til Christmas!!!
Of course I can't leave Christmas itself off my list! We actually have our first family celebration on Dec. 21 (11 days!) and then our big get-together is on Dec. 24 (14 days!) and then immediate family on Christmas Day! So many celebrations in so little time!
I don't have an advent calendar or any fancy way of counting down my days...I just have a mental countdown to get ready for the festivities! How do you countdown for the big upcoming days?


  1. yes, less work and more fun!

  2. Being empty nesters, we do not really count down anymore, but we are looking to our DD's visit this weekend, and a Christmas Day dinner w/DH's family.

    You are very blessed to have loving family.


  3. Have a really lovely family time. We are travelling each day to visit DB, DD and DS. We don't countdown, it just happens.......

  4. Sounds like you have fabulous things to look forward to in the upcoming days! Have a wonderful holiday!

  5. One of my favorite Winnie the Pooh quotes is when Christopher Robin asks Pooh what the best part about honey is. Pooh replies that the very moment before you open the honey pot is the best.

    Anticipation of the all these great things is what makes Christmas truly great.

    Wishing you an amazing Christmas with your parents. :)


  6. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break with your family!

    ... and those cookies below look soooo yummy! :)


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