Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spotted Cow Soaps-December Featured EtsyBlogger

Wow! Can you say YUM!!! Absolutely everything in Ms. Moo's shop looks good enough to eat! Take this yummy Gingerbread Whipped Sugar Scrub for is making me hungry just looking at it! And the best part is, you get to rub it all over your body :) Mmmmm! My absolute favorite way to unwind is in a hot bubble bath. How about you? While you're there, why not have a party! Or at least enjoy some champagne anyway...some Sparkling Champagne Bubble Bath that is! Who hates lotion that leaves that greasy feeling on your hands...ME! I can't have greasy fingers while Spotted Cow has come up with the perfect solution. Her Tranquil Spa Lotion has the perfect formula to leave you feeling oh so soft...without the greasiness! I hope you will stop by and visit Spottedcowsoaps and see what she has to say at her blog. I dare you not to drool :)


  1.'s late...and now I'm hungry haahahahahaha....this is fabulous thank you so much for sharing! This is is your entire blog. I will be stopping by to play often!

  2. Ms Moo has a fabulous line up of YUMMY products. So sweet and yummy just like her!

  3. Ms. Moo's products are wonderful! Great feature!


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