Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Year of Blogging :)

I took a peek at my profile the other day and realized that I've been blogging for a whole year now! sure does go fast! I would have never thought I'd have that much to say...I should have known better :) I thought I'd share with you a few things I learned while looking through my profile as well as a few things I've learned about blogging over the last year. What the last year has held:
  • In 2008 I blogged 69 times. In 2009 I have already blogged 45 times. This shows me that I am getting more comfortable with my blog. I am finding things I want to share. And I am figuring out what my readers like :)
  • In March of 2008 I had 9 posts. For March 2009 I am already on post #13! And it's only the 19th of the month. Not bad...13 out of 19 days...I'm making major improvements in my frequency of blogging :)
  • I have 52 followers and counting! This makes me feel good about my blogging :)
  • As you can see from above, I've learned to blog more often. I know I am not able to blog everyday, so I aim for every other the least. If you don't blog for days or weeks at a time, people will get tired of returning to see the same old post. Keep it up-to-date and fresh :)
  • Learn as you go. I have added items to my side bar, removed them, added new ones, and I keep working with it to see what people enjoy seeing and show what I find important.
  • I joined the EtsyBloggers Street Team :) This is one fun team to be a part of. We interact through our message board and the Etsy forums. We keep up-to-date on each others' lives, congratulate each other, give words of encouragement, and send (((hugs))) in times of need :) A great group of gals!!!
  • I have started hosting contests this year. Each month I have a new contest. I like to keep them simple...visit my store and tell me what you like...simple as that. I also add other ways to enter that are also simple :) You can enter my current contest here.
  • I have also started adding more personal info to my blog. When I first started out, I was going to keep it strictly Etsy. But I've learned that readers want to know the artist behind the work. So I try to keep a nice mix of my work, my life, and everything in between :)

So...what do you think? Have I done well in the last year? Where is there room for improvement? What would you like to see that I'm not showing or telling you? Leave me a comment...I read them all and LOVE to hear from you :)


  1. Congratulations on your one year! I think your blog is great. You include a mix of interesting topics, including the personal. You do a great job of sharing in many areas.

  2. Great going on the bloggiversary. I think your blog is a great way to showcase your work--I know that is what got my attention and what led me to a purchase.

  3. Congratulations to you! I am a recent reader but can tell you...I enjoy it! Keep up the good work!

  4. Congratulations on your Blogiversary! I like your mixture of your creations plus your personal touches. I always like more personality when reading blogs as it helps me get to know the person behind the creations. Plus, I love seeing little Harley! You're doing a great job on your blog so here's to an successful 2nd year!

  5. You have learned a ton! I agree with everything you said! I do think that people want to know the person behind the art. I have purchased from fellow bloggers and I have noticed it is from the ones I feel like I know and not the ones that just post pictures of their stuff/treasuries they are in...I didn't do it on purpose, but when I want something I think about the person I feel "linked" to first and always check their shops first.

  6. Congrats! I definitely like reading about the person behind the post! I think it adds character to your blog and personalizes it. I love the feel of your blog and know that there will be something interesting to read! It also helps that I have an interest in scrapbooking, too! Great going! :D


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