Sunday, August 8, 2010

Best Wishes

One of my recent Alchemy bids was for a unique and special guest book. The buyer really liked my Mr. & Mrs. Custom Wedding Name Guestbooks, but had a really long name. We worked together to come up with a great idea of using stickers on the outside of the album to add the Mr. & Mrs.
Another special part of this book is the sign-in area. Not only do guests leave their name, but they have plenty of room to write a special message to the new couple! I thought this was a great idea and will make the book even more special :)
It makes me smile every time I get to make an album for someone knowing it will hold a special place in their lives for a long time to come :)
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  1. Edi-- It must be nice to know that your products "hold a special place in their lives for a long time to come"!!! How wonderful!!

  2. I think Linda said it best. Your albums are so special because of what they hold inside.
    Thank goodness I did not know of your work when we got married--my last name is sooooooooo long (I never like it when people ask me to spell it either)!


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