Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Features-Back to School

School is officially underway here in my home town. I think it gets earlier and earlier every year! I'm just glad my school days are over for a while! (That is until I get ambitious enough to finish my MBA!) I still enjoy shopping for school supplies though! I can't pass up a crisp clean notebook or cool pen! I remember all the kids having personalized pencils with their names on them. I was never lucky enough to find one that said Edi...why oh why did I have to have such a strange name...LOL :) That's the great thing about Etsy...You can get any name you want! Today's finds all have a school theme...and are personalized!!!

RainbOWLS Bookplates set of 12

by lovelia

Back to School Personalized Custom Made Nap Mats
Just mention this blog post and get free personalization on this cute notebook :)


  1. I never found anything with my name on it either so I love personalization on Etsy! You have some cute finds here. I get to go school shopping with my husband now since he's back in college. It's not quite the same though.

  2. Makes me think about all my grandkids and what they might be doing right now to prepare for school starting!! Thanks for your post!!!


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