Monday, June 6, 2011

Making Connections

At a show I did earlier this Spring, I met a fellow Omaha Etsy Team member named Jenny who runs Black Magic Studio. Her shop is full of beautiful jewelry including beading, wire wrapping and silversmithing pieces. She saw my pendants and thought it would be fun to make a necklace out of one of them. I loved the idea and couldn't wait to see the results. She listed it in her shop this weekend: I love how it turned out! Who knew my simple engraved pendant could turn into such a beautiful work of art! I love the wood beads with the suede flowers...I think they complement each other nicely. And they all tie in well with the butterfly pendant. I hope this piece does well and Jenny and I can work together again. What connections have you made lately?


  1. Wow - that piece is SO pretty!
    I haven't collaborated with any artist. I could imagine using hand printed fabric for one of my designs...

    have a great week!


  2. Wow! That's lovely!

    Except for dyed fabric, I can't think of any examples of collaborating where I make something that someone else uses in a finished piece. trying to remember some of these--a clown outfit, a minister's stole, long panels hung in a church. A friend and I dyed silks for a HS band color guard once.

    I think it's very exciting to see someone using/wearing your finished art!

  3. What a terrific collaboration. I haven't teamed up yet. Have to find my match.

  4. Edi, that is so awesome, and pretty too!

    Connections? I have known Michele for some time now. Met her hubby too. However, we'd not spent non-beading time, nor had we gone out as couples. That was taken care of this past weekend, and we had such a great time we are already talking about the next time!

  5. Such a lovely result!

    I haven't been able to work on any collaborations in a long time, but I'm hoping to be able to do some work with my sister this summer!

  6. I love how that turned out!

    Connections? Hmmm. I haven't worked with anyone on my jewelry yet. Erika has been a huge help in getting me to follow my dreams although I'm still a work in process on that!

  7. What a great idea, love how it turned out!

  8. Very cool work. :) I don't work with anyone, my projects tend to be solo work. I think I work better on my own anyway! ;)

  9. that is adorable! what a great collaboration! {:-D

  10. That's a great collaboration! So creative. Not a lot of new connections here this month, but I'm sure that there will be more in the future.

  11. Love this piece! I am a fan of Jennys work!

    I too love to collaborate! ALL of the pendants that I use for my necklaces are made by other artists. I love showcasing others art!

  12. Edi, you outdid yourself! It gorgeous! I love it!


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