Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's in a Name

Many sellers have been awaiting the time when they could change their shop name on Etsy! Many sellers signed up with a "user name" not realizing that it would also be their "shop name". Now Etsy is allowing sellers to change their shop names!
I for one and super excited about this! I wish I would have known from the start that I could use capital letters in my shop name. I like shops that have capitals because it makes their name easier to read.
I would also like to change my shop name since I have expanded my shop so much this last year. My original name was Memories for Life Scrapbooks, which was too long for an Etsy user name. So I went with memoriesforlifesb. I used the "sb" to be short for scrapbooks. I don't really think it ever caught on.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The only problem is...both names I wanted to use...are TAKEN! Shoot! So I'm looking for suggestions :)

I wanted to change it to either MemoriesForLife or Memories4Life.

Do you have any ideas for me? I want to stick with something similar to what I already have, but drop the "sb" from the end. Any suggestions you have would be awesome!


  1. Hmm I don't know... picking a shop name was so hard for me, especially because there are already so many that are taken. Maybe some other name with the word Memories in it? Sorry I can't be much help, but good luck!

  2. I'm glad they are allowing this change. I notice that many shop's names are different from their business names. I like the first words being capital, easier to read. I think MemoriesForLife looks good... And in fact, I may do that with mine too. (TrinasClayCreations) Thanks! :)

  3. You make so much more than scrapbooks now-- maybe MemoriesAndMore? I think you should keep the "Memories" part, because I know a lot of us associate that with you (sucks that those names were taken!). MemoriesForever? Good luck! :)

    (by the way, I used caps in my shops names, too. Much easier to read, I agree.)

  4. What about changing the order of the words "For Life Memories"? {:-D

  5. I like your Memories4Life idea. I think the number 4 makes it stand out in my mind better and also is easier to read than 'For' when reading fast.

    Plus, it doesn't change your name too much, making it easy for your zillions of customers to remember! And, since scrapbooks give us lifetime memories, the name is perfect for you, even without the word 'scrapbooks'.

    I was glad about the ability to change too, because I could put caps in my shop name!

  6. I like Athena's suggestion.

    What about something with Memories and Gifts in it?

  7. Capitals make the names much easier to read. Will you change anything else if your shop name changes, like your blog name or email?

    I like Athena's suggestion of "Memories And More."

    What about "Memories for a Lifetime?" It's hard to keep that Memories first and still show that you sell more than that now.

  8. I didn't see any shops just called Memories or LifesMemories or LivingMemories or LoveMemories or MemoryScraps (This last one I like, because that's all I really have - but I don't think it conveys the elegance of your creations) Maybe ElegantMemories?

    Your scrapbooks are so unique and your etched glass really ties in nicely. You really have an opportunity to create a solid brand. Take your time and dream on it a bit - It'll come to you and it'll feel right. Don't forget, you're going to want business cards and banners and all that stuff too, so make sure it's easy for customers to find and remember. = >

  9. I'm so not good with picking names but I do like Athena's suggestion. That's certainly what you offer!

  10. This is tough. I know I had a hard time finding a name that I liked and wasn't taken. Adding the word "art" to the end of mine helped. Maybe you could do Memories4Life and then add to the end, like Memories4LifeGifts or something.

  11. I am terrible at thinking up names, too. I like the MemoriesAndMore suggestion, though!

  12. The day is finally here?!?? Wow...I've been waiting for that too. I've been selling out of a buyer's account for years and hating it.
    Sorry all the choices you had were taken! What a bummer....hmn...that's a tough one.

  13. It took me forever to choose a name. So many I thought of were taken.
    Memories should definitely be a part of your name.
    just trying out a few below:

  14. I like Memories4Life

    I know what you mean. I wanted to use my full name but there wasn't enough room so I had to cut Sheryl into Sher which I really don't like.

    I thought about changing mine but if I make it too specific, it will not leave me open to other things.

    This seems to be a tough decision for many.


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