Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cards for Children

I love finding ways to donate to charities or give back to the community. And I love it even more when I can do this through my crafting!
Erika of Artful Rising recently posted that she would be donating to Cards for Children for the Ronald McDonald House. She asked her fellow readers to help as well and I knew this was perfect for me!
I used to sell greeting cards at craft shows, but have gotten away from them and have been doing other projects lately. But I still had so many cards that needed a good home...the Cards for Children project was perfect! Here are a few of the cards I sent to Erika to pass along to the Ronald McDonald House.
Thank you Erika for organizing this! What a great project! And I'm so happy I could contribute!
If you too would like to contribute to the Cards for Children or any of Erika's other Project Embrace activites, check out her blog!
I'm also linking this to Erika's Weekly It's a Wrap Linky Party! Come join the fun on her Artful Rising blog!


  1. This sounds like a worthy project. And your cards are very cute.

  2. Wonderful project. Good for you and Erika. :)

  3. they are pretty - like the santa and bench. I'm looking for some envelopes, and then I'll be making some cards too - got a design in mind! {:-D

  4. I received the cards yesterday evening--they are so pretty!! I love the extra touches that you add to your work and the cards will be going to a great place; thank you!

    It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

  5. I love your cards and they went to such an awesome project. I can see the kids smiling now!

  6. great cards! wonderful project! I love making cards and have been working on some for Erika's worthy project.

  7. They're lovely! What a great project Erika is doing!

  8. Those are very pretty cards Edi! I need to get mine in the mail to her!

  9. Cute cards! It's so sweet of Erika to organize this. I'm sure that the children will love them!


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