Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter, My Birthday and Treasuries...Oh My!

Happy Easter Everyone!
I hope you are enjoying your day with family and food :)

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Yesterday was my birthday and it was a great day!
Jesse cooked me breakfast!
And I received this awesome surprise in the mail from my friend Rose of RandomCreative! She created this beautiful bracelet, ring and charm set in my favorite colors! Such a thoughtful gift!
And last night we celebrated Easter with Jesse's family, which also doubled as my birthday party :) His family is always so much fun to be with!
(I decided to wait to post these photos until tomorrow, lots of fun!)
And now the Treasury Thanks!
This week brought 6 new awesome treasuries featuring my work! Help me thank my curators by stopping by and checking out their treasuries as well as their shops!
Sarah of EngineeredJewelry featured my Wooden Recipe Book in her Cool Wooden Items on a Budget - Under $25 Treasury! Sarah creates beautiful jewelry like these Chainmaille Earrings! And all proceeds from her shop are donated to help fight human sex trafficking.
Erika of ArtfulRising featured my XL Double Name Album/Guest Book in her love on a sunday morning Treasury! I thought featuring Erika's Faith Handstamped Keychain was perfect for Easter Sunday :)
Leann of LoveActuallyJewelry featured my Peacock Feather Guest Book in her Natural Wood Treasury! Leann's Peanut Wood Bracelet would look awesome in this treasury as well :)
Angela of AngelaDesign featured my Wooden Recipe Book in her Recipe Book Card Box Treasury! Angela's Colored Pencil Slice Ring is so's made out of polomer clay!
Yiotou of PinkDaisyCrafts featured my Wooden Recipe Book in her Colorful Friday Treasury! Yiotou's Pink and Turquoise Necklace is right up my alley!!!
Sandra of Vitroart also featured my Wooden Recipe Book in her What's Cooking? Treasury! Sandra's Hand-painted Wine Bottle Spoon Rest is so the butterflies :)
Have a Great Day!


  1. Happy Easter! Happy Birthday! Congrats on all the treasuries!

  2. Happy Easter!! And Happy Birthday to you Edi!! :)

    Wonderful treasuries, I'm on my way to check visit each one now.

  3. Happy Easter Edi! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! The surprise from Rose is lovely! Congrats on the treasuries too!

  4. I love all of the wood treasuries and items! Congrats on your features and thanks for the shout out. I'm glad that you had such a good birthday.

  5. Thank you.
    It sounds like you had a special day and it is great to see you in so many treasuries.


  6. Happy Birthday!!!!
    Happy Easter!!!!

    Guess you had a great weekend! Congrats on the treasuries!

  7. Breakfast looks yummy! Happy Easter!

    Love your blog, looking forward to reading more!

    Saw your blog on the Etsy blog team, I'm your newest follower! :)


    My blog:

    My Etsy:

  8. Glad you had a wonderful birthday! What a beautiful gift from Rose! Wonderful to start your day with your lovely breakfast, too. What beautiful treasuries and lovely features! Wow!

  9. Happy Birthday Edi! Sounds like you a busy weekend enjoying yourself. I hope you had a Happy Easter too!
    Everyday Inspired

  10. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a very special day for you. Great treasuries. Lots of nice wooden items!
    Best wishes,

  11. what a beautiful present! Sounds like the day was full of surprises! Nice for you to be added to the "wooden" treasuries - that's great! {:-D

  12. Happy Birthday, Edi! so glad it was wonderful! I look forward to seeing your photos.
    beautiful gifts from Rose!
    Congratulations on all the treasuries!

  13. Happy Birthday! We share the same birthday! Hope yours was as awesome as mine. It sounds like it was. : )


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