Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wooden Buttons - Swap for Photos

I recently started creating some wooden buttons. They're a fun way to dress up handmade items. I've been making them in basic round shapes with engraved details as well as different shapes like owls and leaves.

Before I list them in my shop, I have a few questions and a swap offer. I'd like to send a few of my readers a button or two and have you create something with them. Whether it be a button for a shirt, decoration on a knitted item, components for jewelry, etc. I'd like to get as many different kinds of items as I can. In return, I want photos of the products you made that I can use in my listings to show examples of how the buttons can be used.

Swap Info:
If you're interested in receiving some of my buttons in return for your photos, please email the following information to memoriesforlifescrapbooks (at) hotmail (dot) com
*What type of item will you be using the button(s) on?
*How many buttons will you need?
*Which button(s) would you like? (brief description)

Please share this post with your fellow crafters who would be interested in receiving some of my buttons. On July 8th, I'll choose 3-5 readers to send buttons to. I would like photos back from you within one month.

I also have a few general questions about listing the buttons:
*Would you prefer to buy buttons in lots of 2 or 4? Or another quantity?
*These buttons are 1" in size. Would another size be more fitting for the projects you make?
*I've shown photos of the buttons I currently have ready to list. What other shapes or designs would you like to see?

 Thanks so much for all your help and for sharing this information with your fellow crafters. I hope to get a lot of interest in these so I can share them and start listing them!


  1. What a fun idea! Going to send you an email :-)

  2. Those are so cute!! I really like the owl buttons. I like buying buttons in packs for 4.

  3. Great idea Edi. It will be fun to see what projects everyone comes up with.

  4. I love all of the buttons! The owls are really cute :)
    You can offer large size buttons in sets of 2, and smaller ones in sets of 4.

  5. These are great! Can I say I like them all?!

  6. These are so cute, and the swap is such a good idea. My projects are so tiny...not sure if I could use 1" buttons, but I'll brainstorm and pass the word around to fellow crafty ladies. :)

  7. Excellent idea, Edi! I think a heart shaped button would be popular!

  8. This is such a fun idea! Your buttons are so well made and have so many possibilities. Personally I prefer to use buttons with a minimum of 1" diameter for clasps and smaller buttons as embellishments. I think anything from 2-12 is an appropriate quantity. You might want to consider making a smaller listing of 2-4 buttons with multiple quantities available so people can order more as needed.

  9. I like the design buttons! I wonder if my daughter would want to make something and get in on the swap. I'll check with her and get back to you.

    I think offering a 2 or 4 pack of buttons is great. Sometimes people may just need a couple, but four is also a nice number. As far as other shapes, definitely a heart (maybe plain and with a design).


  10. Such cute buttons! I wouldn't know how to use them or else I'd be throwing my hat in the ring too! I agree with Rose though that smaller ones would work better for jewelry stuff and most shirts I know of have smaller buttons. Little hearts would be very cute!

  11. The buttons are adorable. I think packs of 2, 4 or 6 would be good.

    The swap is great, but I need to focus on my ideal clients.

  12. Very cool! I like the top ones and the leaves. I think they'd be great for purses and knitted head bands/cowls and such. I'd totally come up with a project for some of them but I don't have my sewing machine this summer!

  13. What a great idea Edi!! Buttons can be used for so many things. Love those owls, so cute!

  14. Edi, you're so smart. I really like a lot of the designs, but I'm not sure what I'd use 1" buttons for. Is it possible to offer them in smaller sizes, too? I'll do some brainstorming, anyway!

  15. What fun designs for buttons. I like to buy buttons in packs of 4. The button swap is such a good idea, and a great way to show the buttons being used in a variety of ways.
    Everyday Inspired

  16. This swap idea is clever. It will be interesting to see what people come up with. I have sent you an email, answering your questions.

  17. I would like 4 of the leaf buttons.
    I would use them for Fall table runners. What a great idea!


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