Monday, January 13, 2014

Studio Update - Getting Close

Wow, after looking back at my last Studio Update post, I really dropped the ball on updates and photos of the studio progress. The good news is, it's come a LONG WAY since my last update. Above is a photo of my last update.

And here is what it looks like now! Jesse, our friends and family have been so awesome the last few months helping to get us to this point!

Dry walling happening as I type this!
I'm not sure if I'd ever mentioned how big the addition will be, but hopefully you can tell from the photos above that it's HUGE! My new studio will be almost the same size as the whole rest of our house!!!

7' x 7' Bathroom
What's been accomplished:
*Sheeting on the rafters and walls
*House wrap (siding will come in Spring)
*Metal roof DONE! Including soffit and fascia (still need gutters)
*Wiring run, but not hooked up yet
*Spray foam insulation on the inside
*Bathroom built
*Dry wall hung (contractor is mudding, taping and painting right now!)

Window will become a door
Still to be done:
*Hook up wiring
*Cut out window, install door between existing studio and new studio
*Flooring (bought, just needs installed)
*Trim (bought, just needs installed)
*Cabinets, counter top and sink (on order)

I'm hoping to be moved in within the next month! I am SO excited!!!


  1. Aren't you a lucky girl!
    I wish I had even a fraction of that space for a studio......

  2. Oh my goodness! You've really accomplished a lot! It looks amazing and blends in perfectly with the rest of the house!

  3. What a big change! I hope you'll have fun with the decorating and moving part. Can't wait to see the end result.

  4. Wow, you could park a fleet of cars in there! Exciting!

  5. Awesome progress!!! You will have plenty of space to work and stay organized! I hope you reach your goal of moving in next month. :)

  6. This is so impressive Edi! You must be so excited!

  7. Wow, that is really coming along. Cant wait to see what it looks like completed.

  8. That is so exciting!! It looks so great. Can't wait to see it when it's completely finished. What do you plan on painting the walls?

  9. I'm totally jealous! I would LOVE to have a space that big!

  10. How exciting! So have you drawn up your plan yet of how you are going to organize your space, and what will go where? This is big news! I can't wait until it's complete. I'm sure you are more so than me. So happy for you!

  11. I am SO impressed! Your new studio is amazing! How exciting to see the dream become a reality.

  12. Wow! It has come such a long way since your last update. It's looking fantastic!!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see the finished result.

  13. I saw the picture above your explanation about its size before reading the text and thought "That looks huge!!" I think the pictures to at least partially convey the size. Very cool! It's coming along so well.

  14. Fabulous! It's so big! You must be dying to get in and get settled!

  15. So excited for you and all of the space that you'll have! I can't believe that you may be moving in within the next month.

  16. Wow! You have come a long way! It looks so bright and open! What a perfect place for you to create and laser the day away!

  17. You should be excited! This is awesome! And so big!! Yay! Can't wait to see the functioning space!!!

  18. Edi, I had no idea it was that huge! It's so incredibly exciting and awesome that you're almost done! I cannot wait to see it all finished and you happily working inside. :)

  19. Oh my goodness, how exciting! You'll be working in there before you know it!

  20. Oh YAY!!!! Congrats on all the progress!

  21. Aaaaah! This is so exciting! And it's really been a quick project, if you think about the holidays eating up a big chunk of work time.

    I can't wait to see everything when it's finished!

  22. SO exciting, Edi! I can only imagine how thrilled you must be! and how much you will LOVE it!

  23. Edi, it's so terrific and exciting. I want to be there with you. It's a great space.


  24. How exciting, your space looks amazing! I can't wait to see your finished studio.
    Everyday Inspired


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