Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2013 - Year In Review

 I've enjoyed reading several Year in Review posts from fellow bloggers and decided to do one of my own. It was fun looking back through the year via old posts and photos. 2013 was quite a challenging year for me and my family, but there were also several great events and things to celebrate. Have a look back with me :)

I was contacted by a company called Umba Box to have my Woodland Magnets included in one of their monthly boxes! A great way to start the year!

I was featured on A Paper Proposal after one of my clients had their wedding featured on the site. I was given a free month of advertising...woohoo!

It was also Harley's 7th birthday!

We brought home our baby calf. Wow, has it been almost a year already...I need to get an update pic! He's the chattiest calf we've ever had!

April was a very difficult month. My brother's passing is the hardest thing I've ever experienced. I think of him everyday! And being an only child is a whole new experience for me.

But April was also a good month. I celebrated my 30th birthday and had a great day!

I got my first (and maybe only!) tattoo! A Freebird in honor of my brother.

After etching beer mugs for an organization that raises money for children by growing mustaches, I was invited to their awards ceremony Stashe Bash.

We broke ground for my new studio!!! I still can't believe it's almost done!

I was featured in Bead Chat Magazine after sending some of my wooden buttons for designers to use in their pieces.

Girl's Trip to visit my parents. I hope we can make this an annual event!

My parents also celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary!

Even after Jesse's surgery, we made awesome progress on my new studio!

My dad celebrated his 60th Birthday!

And a picture of my "sister" (Jesse's brother's girlfriend) Melissa and I at Thanksgiving.

 Record sales in my Etsy shop. I am definitely hiring help next year!

Though I'm happy to see 2013 come to an end, it was nice to look back on all the good things that happened in 2013 as well.


  1. Wow, what a year for you! That is just great about your record sales. :) I have your feature set to go live on my blog tomorrow! Here's to a even better 2014!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful 2014!!

  3. Lots of milestones last year! May 2014 be filled with good times and great sales! BTW, Harley and the calf are a couple of cuties :)

  4. It certainly was a roller-coaster year for you and your family. As always, it's refreshing to hear you focusing on the positive things! You still have a lot to be happy about and I'm excited to see how your business expands in 2014!

  5. You hard had quite the year! I'm sure it was incredibly bittersweet, with so many wonderful things happening but also such a great loss. I hope 2014 is full of nothing but positive!

  6. You certainly went through a lot of painful but also joyous moments last year. I'll always remember 2013 as that's when I joined the team :)
    May the new year be filled with lots of love, happy moments, new friends, health, continued success and miracles... :)

  7. It's good to know you had a good year in spite of the incredible sadness. The success of your business is very inspiring and I wish you continued success in this new year.

  8. You had terrible sadness in 2013 but also good times and great success. I hope 2014 is all filled with happiness and success! Can't wait to see the updated photo of the calf! Of course Harley is as cute as can be!

  9. I can't even imagine the heartbreak you had but you manage to focus on so many happy, positive moments! Here's to 2014 exceeding your expectations!

  10. Despite the peaks and deep dark valley on the personal front -- your business seemed to take off on an upward trajectory. I hope 2014, with your new studio and further growth, will be a great year for you.

  11. Beautiful to see your year in review! Hope that 2014 brings you joy, peace, and prosperity!

  12. You've had quite a year! I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. He was taken way, way too young.

    I wish for your 2014 to be fabulous!

  13. You certainly had a busy year! I hope this coming year is busy in all the right ways. Oh, and Harley is super cute!

  14. Your year was amazing full of ups and downs. There is nothing like strong family bonds to get you through everything. Your successes are great and I wish you a 2014 full of even more accomplishments!

  15. Congratulations on such a wonderful year for your business. Your round up really shows how life has a way of reminding you that you have to take both the ups and the downs. Your brother would be proud of you I bet. I didn't know we shared April birthdays! No wonder I feel a kinship. :-)

  16. Although difficult, you've had a great year! It is always great when we can grow thru the difficulties! Onward and upward in the new year!

  17. I'm happy to see how successful this year was. And your brother and dad looked so much alike! Wow! Don't remember that you got a calf. Another addition to the family! Hope this year is a great one {:-D


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