Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Cutting Board Designs

One of my best selling items in my shop is my custom cutting boards. My favorites are definitely the handwritten recipe ones, but I'm always looking for new designs to add to the shop. Thanks to some custom requests (thanks again to my awesome customers!) I have 3 new designs ready to go in the shop.

This Floral Butterfly Design was a request for a Mother's Day gift, but I think it would work well for a wedding gift as well. I have this design on a guest book and invitations, so the whole set could match!

Tandem bikes are still on trend. I love this cute tree and bike design. I like that with this design you could use the front and back for cutting without hurting the design.

I had another tree request with a pair of love birds. This would be a perfect wedding gift :)

Some other designs I hope to create and add soon:
*Mason Jar
*Eat, Drink & Be Married
*The quote about cooking with wine

What other ideas do you think would be cute on a cutting board?


  1. They are beautiful and useful - no wonder they're a best seller :)

  2. Love the eat drink and be married quote!

  3. what wonderful gifts these make! great memories that you use everyday - now that is a perfect combination in my opinion!

  4. I love this design....it is memorable and simple enough to fit in any decor. great gift for wedding or anniversary!!!!

  5. I love the handwritten recipes on the cutting boards. I think a nice 'to do' list would be great to give kids leaving the house. You know..'don't forget to turn the lights out.. etc.'

  6. I love all your items with the handwriting on it. And I really like the 3rd design's simplicity. Can't wait to see the mason jar design. I bet that will turn out real cute.

  7. You never cease to amaze me with your product range, Edi. :)
    Cutting boards would be perfect wedding gifts. "Nannie's Kitchen" made me smile. :D

  8. These are lovely. But I think the recipe ones are my favorite!

  9. All those designs are lovely! August 8 is a great date too! (Our anniversary!)

  10. Love your new designs. I can't think of anything better than what you have. Maybe you could use "cutting words" in different fonts, like Slice, Dice, Chop, Mince....

  11. Beautiful designs Edi! My fave is the bike and the mason jar sounds awesome too!


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