Thursday, June 12, 2014

Studio Update - All Moved In

I'm happy to announce that I'm all moved into my new studio!!! I've been working in here full time for a couple of weeks now and I must tell you that I LOVE this place! I love having lots of space and not having to step over things all the time. It's still a work in progress as I figure out what works best where, but it's coming together nicely. Let me take you on a little tour.

Here is the view from the front door. I have a work table set up (and I can watch TV!) and several shelving units down the center of the room.
 Directly behind my work table is the shelf my Uncle Dave built me. It holds all my scrapbook papers and some other supplies I use often as well.
 Here is the corner where all the magic happens :) In the left of the photo is a shelf that holds a lot of my wood supplies like wood sheet stock and cutting boards as well as organizers with cuff links and earrings. (this self sits next to my shipping station as well). Under the widow (with my awesome pink curtains!) is my laser. The table that looks like a huge mess is my "holding station". I need a place to put things as they go in and come out of the laser. So this table is usually full! And my awesome desk is hanging out in the corner.
 I love having a nice big corner desk! And lots of storage too! The only thing I need to figure out is where to put my printer. I had forgotten how BIG it is! It's in the way when I want to use my mouse and when I open the front door so paper can come out, it's really in the way. I have another small desk/end table that I might set next to my desk for my printer. Otherwise it will have to go up on top.
 This may sound crazy, but one of my favorite areas in the new studio is my "kitchen" area. Almost everything I make has to be washed, so it's nice to have a dedicated area for this. I love the large counter space for drying things! And I don't have to fight over space with dirty dishes! And check out that awesome pink rug!
 I also love my sparkly pink door knobs! I can't believe how many options there are for door knobs...and how expensive some of them are! Hello wooden door knobs for $1.99 (for a 2-pack) and spray paint!
Another area that I'm really excited about is my shipping station. My old "shipping station" consisted of our love seat and 1/2 the living room! I had seriously taken over the house with shipping supplies and inventory! This desk (compliments of my mom!) is so perfect. It is perfect to stand at and holds all the supplies I use on a daily basis. I bought two gray trash cans (they didn't have pink) to fit under the desk. One holds air pillows and the other holds packing paper. I recycle all the shipping supplies I can and these cans work great.
 What's even better is the sides of the shipping station...look at all those cubbies! And they're on both sides!
 I also have one of my shelving units full of boxes as well. This unit sits right behind my shipping station and holds my fancy bubble wrap dispenser (compliments of my dad!).
Next to my shipping station is my "drying rack". This is actually an old entertainment center that Jesse built that we no longer use. I had used it as a drying rack when I'd taken over the rest of the house and it seems to work great, so we moved it to the new studio. All of my wood gets rinsed and laid flat to dry before shipping
 I'll end you with a picture of my awesome curtains! A friend of my mom's made these for me and I LOVE them! They bring so much color to the room!

As you can see, I haven't had a chance to decorate anything yet! I have a few things in mind that I want to make myself, then I need to do some shopping. I did finally buy a world map so I can mark all the locations I've shipped to. I just need to figure out exactly where I want it. I'm sure I'll move things around more before I'm all settled in. But for now, I'm just happy to have a place to call my own :)


  1. Edi, this is beyond spectacular! I have to say I'm envious but also so happy it's finished for you! Making the decisions AFTER running your business for awhile made a lot of sense--you know exactly what you want and need at this point!

  2. What a wonderful workspace!! So well-planned and functional and SPACIOUS!! Love your pink curtains and your pink rug!

  3. Wonderful Edi :) You have the most awesome studio I've ever seen! So very pleased for you and jealous in equal measure ;)

  4. Aaaah! This is amazing! I think your little kitchen area is my favorite thing. That was so smart to include, followed closely by the TV and the exercise machine. You really thought of everything! High-five!

  5. How wonderful! Thanks for tagging us along, through the process :). Love the pink curtains! All the best!

  6. Congrats, Edi! It is such an amazing space. I really enjoyed the tour. :)

  7. Yay! The post I've been waiting for :) I'm drooling over the pictures...the pink curtains are incredibly sweet! It must be a joy to work here :)

  8. It looks amazing, and I love the pink details :-)

  9. It's so huge! I love the kitchen area. I never would have guessed most of your things need washing, though I suppose it makes sense in hindsight. Congrats on your amazing new work space and I hope you enjoy!

  10. It looks so great Edi! I'm so happy for you. :) You've done such a good job organizing everything and I love all the pink touches!

  11. This looks amazing!! I love the big space and that you have a special place for everything. I would love to have a work room this organized. I bet it makes working in there awesome.

  12. This is just so awesome! i am sooooo happy for you! And I am jealous! I understand stuff all over the house! I am getting that way, and in need of more space. I have thought of moving into a retail space with living quarters above, but I really don't know, since most of my business is wholesale. I just need a big room like yours!!! :)

  13. WOW Edi!!! I love your big new space and so happy that you love it too! The bright pink accents would make me smile every time I walked in there!

  14. What a fantastic amount of space, Edi--now that I see everything all in one place, I cannot imagine how you did without your studio. I suspect you're wondering, too. I really like that shipping station...I end up using our bed when I have multiple packages to ship.

  15. Edi, your studio is amazing! What a great amount of space and it must be so nice to have a place / station for everything. Enjoy your new space!
    Everyday Inspired

  16. oh! I missed the post on the studio!! it looks awesome - and so much room! I'm jealous of all that space and organization. It must be amazing to work in your new space :)

  17. FANTASTIC!!!
    no wonder you are so thrilled!
    You must be relieved to be out of the house. and to have all your business stuff so organized.
    such fun pinkness!


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