Monday, July 14, 2014

A Walk Around the Yard

On Friday night I went out to eat with Jesse's mom and her husband. When I got home is was a beautiful night out and I just wasn't ready to go to bed yet. I decided to bring my camera on a little walk with me instead :) Warning: Photo heavy post!

 One of the best parts of our yard is my brother's memorial tree. This is the sign a designed last year after he passed. It's a little beat up and a little tattered, but isn't that kind of how life goes sometimes.

 This little bug agreed that this is the best part of the yard. He's hanging out on some new growth on the roses that surround the tree.

 Tomatoes...can't wait for BLTs!

 As I was knelt down taking a picture of the bug above, I saw this full dandelion. I realize these might be weeds, but they sure are pretty. And I'm actually half impressed with the macro on my cell phone! (click to enlarge)

 It's hard to tell from this picture. But the baby calf we brought home over a year ago has gotten quite large. He has free range of the pasture now.

 Thought this was a pretty pic of one of his fence posts :)

And another "weed" photo. Hey, when you don't have time to plant flowers, you appreciate the wild ones :)

It had been so long since I'd walked around our yard (about 8 acres) that I'd forgotten we had a second hydrant. I thought it looked pretty hanging out in the tall grass.

Our house sits at the end of a gravel road that turns to dirt at the other side of our lower drive.

I sure love Iowa sunsets :)

And my walk lasted long enough that the sun was setting...and the moon was out too!

When I got back from my walk, Keystone was patiently waiting for some lovin'. Sitting on the patio cuddling with a kitty...what could be better :)


  1. What a beautiful post! I enjoyed seeing your area very much! You have so much wide open space :) I think "weeds" are pretty in their own way! Nice to end the day with kitty cuddling :)

  2. I love picture heavy posts! Weeds can be pretty too, although the ones I have growing over here: not so much. Those sunsets look gorgeous, not like the sunsets that can be seen over here.

  3. So thoughtful that you made a memorial for your brother in your yard.
    Love the pics, always interesting to see where other people live.
    :) Danica

  4. I love your brother's memorial tree. I'm going to ask my sis-in-law if we can plant one at her mom's house. The sign that hangs on his tree is just perfect too.
    My favorite shots are your weed shots. The dandelion is awesome. My toddler LOVES dandelions. We haven't found any in awhile, but every time she does, we have to stop for it.

    Have a great Monday!

  5. Beautiful post! I love the dandelion picture. Your brother's sign is really beautiful too. And I'm jealous of all your space! Our yard is about 10x10 feet, under and to the side of our balcony. ;)

  6. What a lovely post! I love the dandelion picture. Your brother's sign is really beautiful too. And I'm so jealous of all your space! Our yard is about 10x10 feet below our balcony. ;)

    1. Sorry for the double comment! I got an error message with the first and had to repost.

  7. I sure enjoyed this post. I love the angle of the dandelion shot! Great pictures, Edi!

  8. Your property is so beautiful! I especially love the dandelion shot.

  9. Love the kitty photo! Thanks for taking us on the walk around your yard! You have a lovely piece of Iowa and I can see why you enjoy being there!

  10. Wow! Looks like you live in the middle of nowhere. Must be peaceful, though. I think I would like it.

  11. Your yard is beautiful! I'm so impressed with the dandelion shot; it doesn't look like it was a cell phone picture at all. That's a framer.

    With how crazy my schedule has been lately, I forgot to tell you that I was on a farm for the Fourth! It was awesome! It's been in my husband's family for over 100 years, and people still live in the original house. They grow corn now, and they apparently have cows somewhere but I didn't see them. I've only been on farms a handful of times in my life, so I took a lot of pictures. Haha.

  12. Excellent shots! The dandelion looks like a giant, as if it should be in a science fiction movie. Perfect angle for that cool effect.

    It is fun to walk around the yard with your camera because you tend to see things you otherwise overlook.

    Beautiful property!

  13. Such beaitiful pictures!!
    What a great place to live in!

  14. Wonderful post. Makes me homesick for the farm where I grew up. I love wildflowers -- even the ones others call weeds!! Great pics.

  15. lovely stetting!
    That bugs likes the rose colors leaves so much he's turned the same color.
    Wild flowers are great! What is a weed anyway?
    Kitty cuddles are the best!

  16. I love this collection of photos; they make me miss Iowa so much! Your photos remind me so much of the ones I used to take on my walks, too. Save for my mom--who lives in Treynor--the rest of my family lives out in the country. (Granted, they all live within three miles of each other.) I'm familiar with gravel roads because of them, but there are a few dirt roads in the area. Several years ago, when they were doing construction on Highway 92, I used to detour on the gravel. Once, at the intersection of a gravel road and a dirt road, I saw a dumped couch. Just sitting there, cushions and all, its plaid pattern all dusty.


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