Thursday, July 31, 2014

Christmas in July BBA Challenge

Getting this in just under the wire! July's BBA Challenge is brought to us by LeAnn of Pasque Flower. Her challenge is Christmas In July and she has this to say "For the past two years, a bigger than expected Etsy holiday rush has caught me off guard and scrambling to keep up. So this year, I challenge myself and my BBA Teammates to start preparing earlier!"
LeAnn is right...the holiday rush will be just around the corner and it's wise to do as much prep work now to help ourselves out during this busy time.

It's so hard to prepare sometimes when so much of my work is custom orders. But here are some of the things I'm doing to prepare:
 *Cutting plenty of extra business cards and thank you cards so I don't run out during the holiday rush
*Stocking up on packing supplies
*I will have a friend helping me pack orders this year. We already discussed some of the logistics, but she won't actually start until probably September.
*Trying to get as many new listings posted so shoppers have plenty to choose from.

One item I've added specifically for the holidays is this new Ornament Stand. I made some ornaments for my mom recently and she asked if I had a way to display them when the tree is not out. These gold and silver stands are the perfect solution!
My custom photo ornaments aren't just for the holidays. They are cute decor for all year. And these little stands are great because they are just the right height, and simple so not to take away from the ornament. I got them listed in my shop this week so they'll be ready for the holidays.

Have you started planning for the holiday rush?


  1. The ornament stands are great! So nice you'll have some help for the holiday rush. My computer is still down -- using a borrowed netbook for a quick check-in.

  2. The ornament stand is a perfect solution! Cute ornament too! I have to remember to stock up on packing supplies :)

  3. What a great way to display the ornaments year round! I'm still planning for May but it's already August tomorrow so there's no way I'm ready for Christmas!

  4. So darned organized! Glad you are getting started now. I'm nowhere near. I love the idea of hanging your beautiful art on those wires so that they can be enjoyed all year round!

  5. Those stands are great -- we used them for lots of things when I worked in a Hallmark shop! They'd be great for your ornaments!

  6. I like the new stand! It's a really great idea (and one I hadn't thought of) to get a lot of thank you cards ready early. The holidays will be so busy for me this year, not just because of my shop, but also because the boat will be preparing for deployment the following month!

  7. I really like the house ornament! What a great idea! I like its oval shape, too.
    a helper! That's so great!


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