Monday, February 8, 2016

My Baby Turns the Big 1-0!

Looking at him, he still looks like a puppy. But my baby turns 10 today! I took some time over the weekend to look through old photos and found 11 great pictures to share with you of Harley's fun-filled life :)
I'm wishing him many more to come!

  • 1. April '06 - The day we brought him home. He was no bigger than the wheel on the grill and could sleep in his food dish.
  • 2. May '07 - Within a year, he was already a furball!
  • 3. July '08 - The first summer we got him shaved. Jesse hated his floofy tail...I loved it :)
  • 4. June '09 - Nose to nose with one of our new kittens. I'm not sure either one of them knew what to think!
  • 5. August '10 - Harley's first airboat ride. This boy loves to go for rides!
  • 6. July '11 - Since day one, he has been a Daddy's Boy!
  • 7. February '12 - Meeting his cousin Charlie, the Great Dane, who is now the size of a horse!
  • 8. July '13 - Enjoying Iowa sweet corn. He's just a little spoiled :)
  • 9. April '14 - He might pretend not to like her, but these two are best friends. I catch them laying in the yard together all the time :)
  • 10. November '15 - My constant companion. While he might be a Daddy's Boy, he hangs out with me all day in my studio if it's too cold to be outside all day (where he'd prefer to be).
  • 11. January '16 - That face still melts my heart ♥


  1. Happy Birthday Harley!!!
    I can see how much fun he has on rides :)

  2. Oh, I love this, Edi--he has such an expressive face! Many happy returns to him on his birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Harley, hope it will be a joyful day for you all!

  4. He is absolutely adorable. Happy Birthday Harley!

  5. Happy Birthday Harley! He certainly is a precious boy! Give him a smooch on his snooter for us please!

  6. He's adorable :D Happy birthday!

  7. Our girl is 11 and she looks like a puppy, too. Seniors are THE best dogs. Happy happy birthday, Harley, and many more!

  8. What a cute fluffy munchkin! Lovely photos too!


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