Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Christmas Ornaments

With just a little over 6 weeks until Christmas, I've been working on getting all my holiday items in my shop. Recently I've added several new Christmas ornaments.

This fishing lure did so well for Father's Day that I thought it would make a great addition as an ornament as well.

And this year I went with a service theme for the rest of the ornaments. Currently listed in the shop are Police, Fire Dept. and EMT. Each ornament can be personalized with any wording on the back.


And soon to come are military ornaments in Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.


  1. These are great! Good luck with your holiday sales!

  2. Those ornaments are so cool :)

  3. They are wonderful. I love the service line!

  4. Your new ornaments look great! Best of luck with holiday sales.

  5. Edi! These are amazing!! Can you customize for,say an RCMP detachment in Canada? April 2017 deadline...

    1. Hey Melissa! Yes, I can do the RCMP as well. I have their logo available. Just contact me when you'd like to place the order. Thanks!

  6. These are sweet, perfect gifts for christmas!

  7. I can't believe there's only 6 weeks til Christmas! Best of luck with the Christmas sales :)

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