Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I think I say this every month, but how can it already be November! Luckily our weather has stayed gorgeous, so it makes it really hard to believe that winter is almost here! October was a crazy, busy month and things are only going to get busier around here.

I had three craft shows in October, so much of the month was spent prepping for and attending said shows. My first two shows were awesome! I hit a personal best at my first show and did even better at my second show. So the month started out great. My last show left much to be desired. There wasn't the usual advertising, there was construction in the area and it was a pretty sad day for most of the vendors. I'm glad my first shows went so well, but it was a sad way to end my show season for the year.

I introduced some new pieces at this last show. I was happy with the display and will hopefully be adding a few of these to my Etsy shop as well.

The entire month wasn't spent just working though. My mom and I were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather a couple of times. We attended a craft show at a local winery on my weekend off from shows. It was nice to be on the shopping side of the table...and getting to enjoy wine while we shopped :)

We also attended a wine/craft night at a local boutique with Jesse's mom. We made a string art design that looks like a feather or a leaf depending on how you designed it. I went with my standard pink and teal...of course.

Now it's time to get ready for the crazy holiday rush. I've been stocking up on supplies and hopefully have everything in order.
How was your October?


  1. October went by quickly for me too. I'm sorry your last show was a bummer. It's crazy it's time for holiday madness already!

  2. The string art looks so cool! Sorry to hear your final show was a bummer. I had several total bummer shows, that other vendors said were pretty normal for them, that made me decide not to do anymore in Hawaii. Hope November gets well and you have plenty of work to keep your mom busy!

  3. Glad you had some good shows and also had time for fun!

  4. You are going to be crazy busy in the run-up to Xmas, I bet! It's interesting to me, how much craft shows can vary--but two out of three ain't bad!

  5. Congrats on two successful shows! I'm sure they more than made up for the last one. Love the pink frame display :) Those feather crafts you, your Mom and Jesse's Mom did are awesome!

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