Friday, October 10, 2008

Multi-Photo Layouts

Some things I hear a lot of scrappers complain about is never being caught up and wanting to scrap all of their photos of an event. Well, if you're like me and take about 100 photos of every major event and at least 50 of the not so major events, scrapping all of these photos can be quite difficult. My solution...multi-photo layouts! I hardly ever scrap just one photo on a page unless it is a really important photo...or I'm just in the mood to play. Multi-photo layouts help you get a lot of photo scrapped in a small amount of space. Just look at the layouts here. I fit a whopping 10 photos on this layout and still had room for a large journaling area. The key here is to use a grid format. I printed two larger photos at 4x6 and then formatted all the rest to be 3" tall with varying widths for variety. I like this multi-photo layout because of all the white space I was still able to leave. I fit 8 photos on one 12x12 layout and still leave room for the eye to rest. ( It is hard to tell here, but there is about a 1" border around the outside of the red frame.) This one is a combination of photos and embellishments in a grid. I fit 8 photos on the front as well as journaling and the main photo in the middle opens up to show three more photos underneath. This layout has by far the most pictures on it than any other layout I've done. I'm proud to say that I fit 26...that's right, count 'em...26 photos on this two page spread! I kept the embellishments to a minimum and used one photo as the main focus to keep this page from being too busy. So next time you find yourself with a pile of photos to scrap and little time to do it in...think multi-photo layouts! You will be happy you did :)

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  1. Love the layouts!!! Great ideas to work with....just wish I had the time to play right now. Thanks for showing the pages, they are great!!!


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