Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making History!

No matter your race...no matter your age...no matter your political affiliation...
Today We Are Making History!
As someone who isn't normally interested in politics...today, I am drawn to the TV! Rather, I am GLUED to the TV! I am so proud to be an American today and be part of such a ground-breaking historic day :) I really had no plans of watching any of the events today...until I turned on the TV. Now I am flipping through every news channel to find the best coverage of this momentous event.
I was excited to log on to Etsy and see President Obama on the front page :)
My favorite (no surprise) is the License Plate Photo Album. I'm sure the front page will be filled with wonderful items all day!
I want to congratulate our new President and thank him for inspiring our country to want to Change and believe that Yes We Can :)


  1. Sniffle...I have been glued to the TV myself and have ABC News running live on my computer!

    Yes We Can. Yes We Will.


  2. Hopefully we will not let the momentum die down and we wil take responsibility for our actions as they regard our community and country.

  3. Great stuff on Etsy! I have digital OBama paper, Obama alpha and Obama Word Art on my blog: www.webajeb.blogspot.com. Check out my last 5 posts...! Deborah at Webajeb

  4. I'm at work, but once I get home, I'll be watching. But then, I watch a lot of news... Anyway, talked to a few friends who are health professionals, and they are all glued to the TV at work!

    I had to do something, so a copied a photo of the Washington Mall today, and pasted it on my blog.

    Thank goodness, Obama!

  5. Incredible and momentous times to live in!


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