Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Sorority Albums

I just finished another Custom Sorority Album! These are so much fun :)
Before I start on a Sorority Album...I have to do my research. I scour the web looking for info on the specific sorority I am working on and find their colors, flower, motto, crest, mascot, etc. I find out as much about the particular sorority so I can decorate the album using all these things. It makes the album so special! I also create all the papers used on the albums. I use their mascots and symbols to create a mosaic effect. Just one more thing to make them unique :)
For this album, I used the sorority's symbols. I hand cut each album, so I am able to offer options to my customers. They can choose from symbols, letters, or nicknames for the albums. The symbols are my personal favorites. They take a little more work with the cutting, but I think they look great :)
Here you can see that I printed the motto on labels and layered it over a tag with the sorority's mascot on it (the crescent moon). And on the facing page I used a circle tag with the sorority's symbols on it. Here are a couple of other Sorority Albums I've done so you can see a little variety. I always add extra pages to albums that only have 2 or 3 letters so the album is still full. I want my customers to feel they are getting a great deal! On the Delta Zeta album you can see I used their flower (the pink rose) and their crest as some of the embellishments. What do you think? Do you love them as much as I do!!!


  1. I'll have to send my sister over here...she's nuts about sororities.

  2. great idea! I think this will be popular - for someone to buy for themselves, a friend, a daughter. To-shay!

  3. wow - you never cease to amaze me. I still don't know how you manage to make them all so different from one another and yet with the same special feel - kudos!
    ...heck - I can barely cut a straight line, let alone letters!

  4. Those turned out great and would certainly make a great memory album for sororities!


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