Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Feature :)

I love to buy stuff on Etsy! And I love to feature those items here on my blog. My latest purchase...and one of my all time favorites was from AKeepersJackpot. I bought this gorgeous choker and I'm dying to wear it!!! I will definitely have it on during my birthday party tomorrow night!!! I took a couple of pics of me with it on :)
Here is what Keeper says in her bio on Etsy:
A Keeper's Jackpot is an anagram using the nicknames of my husband, myself, and our two cats. I got into beading after my sister gave me a handmade beaded necklace as a gift a couple years ago. I've expanded my interests to wire wrapping, wire crochet, and polymer clay. My newest endeavor is decoupage, so look for some pendants in the future! It has become a hobby, and hopefully a way to make a little money on the side.I am a medical technologist for my full-time job and I work in a hospital laboratory. When I'm not working or making jewelry, I really love to go hiking.
There are so many great items in her shop that I had a hard time picking a few faves to share with you. Here's what I found:
I love this necklace because of it's great shape! And the colors make it so you could wear it with the versatility!
These earrings are so cute and I love the colors. I'm a sucker for anything with turquoise and the red really sets them off!
This necklace may just have to be my next purchase. The shape of the pendant is similar to the one I bought, but there is so much detail to this necklace. I love all the accent beads and how they make the necklace come together to create such a beautiful piece!!!
So what are you waiting for...go check out AKeepersJackpot's Shop! And stop by her blog while you're web surfing as well :)


  1. lucky you! Those are great pieces, from a wonderful person!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Jackie's work! The necklace looks great on you :)

  3. Oh my gosh, what a nice thing for you to do! Not only did you buy from me but you featured me too!!!

    I love to to be able to see my stuff on people too. Thanks for showing a picture of it modeled, I usually don't get to see my stuff in action!

  4. Beautiful necklace! Enjoy your birthday party tomorrow!

  5. Lovely feature! Really like the jewelry too


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