Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Birthday Surprise :)

Okay...I have officially decided that I have the greatest boyfriend in the world :) Not only did he clean his entire shed for me so I could have my birthday party there...last night he took me out to eat. Okay...lots of boyfriends do that right. But when we got there...almost his entire family was there too! He had planned a surprise party for me at the restaurant! This is so not like him either! #1...he's not a planner at all #2...he doesn't do surprises and #3...he did it all by himself :) I was so surprised and so happy!
The rest of my birthday had really been pretty blah and I just kind of hung out at home. So this made it even more special :)
Here's me and my sweetie :)
And here's a good one of me and Jesse's mom.
And a fun one :) She had just pinched my leg really hard!
Okay...last birthday post...I promise. I'll have a scrapbook post for you all tomorrow :) It's funny because Jesse and I were just discussing that I don't have a birthDAY...I have a birthWEEK...I tend to celebrate all week long when my birthday rolls around :) So thanks for bearing with me as I celebrated all this week!


  1. I was thinking the same thing about the birthWEEK as opposed to just one day! But, that was really sweet of Jesse to organize the surprise for you!

  2. don't apologize for your birthday awesomeness!!!

  3. What a sweetie - he's a keeper for sure! :D

  4. A birthday party in the shed? It must be a big shed! I get tripped up when the dog and I are in our shed at the same time!


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