Saturday, October 3, 2009

Have YOU Been Interviewed?

Have you been interviewed by the StoryBeader yet? If not, you definitely need to stop on over by her blog and see all the great interviews she's been doing and sign up for one yourself! And if you've been interviewed before, she has a whole new set of questions for get on over there :)
Check out the wonderful interview she did on Memories for Life Scrapbooks yesterday!!!
Thanks so much Deb for the wonderful feature!!! You made my day :)


  1. That is so awesome! I am going to pop on over there right now!

  2. I have been interviewed by Story! She does a great job with the interviews and photos! I enjoyed yours very much!

  3. thanks Edi, for the compliments. Love doing them... hope I can keep going for a while.

  4. She does great interviews, and the one with you is so good!


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