Thursday, October 1, 2009

Use That Memorabilia

If you're anything like me...I tend to be a pack rat! And then you throw in being a scrapbooker and I have a hard time throwing anything away! You never know when you can use it on a layout :)
Today I thought I'd show you a few ways to use memorabilia on scrapbook layouts. Why store it away when it can be displayed in your albums along with your photos :)
For this layout I put the actual graduation medal on the page with extra strength adhesive. It made a nice border, don't you think? I also added the professional graduation invitation. There was nothing on the back, so I was able to adhere it down and you can still open it and see the inside.
And on this two page layout, instead of using the entire diploma...I scanned it and downsized it to fit nicely among all the photos. I also included the graduation program and the special invitation I made for the event. Both of these will also open so you can still see the inside :)
Worried about your memorabilia being acid free and safe for your scrapbooks? Worry not :) You can test your items with a pH pen and spray them with a deacidifier such as Make It Acid Free by Krylon.
So go ahead...get that memorabilia out of a box and into your scrapbooks :)


  1. sometimes I think I would pay someone to put all of the kids' photos in their books...just seems so daunting~!

  2. excellent! And I didn't know about the spray. Thanks!

  3. I love how you can use so many things!

  4. You are so creative on how you put things together! I would never have thought of doing something like that but it turned out fabulous!

  5. Great ideas! I've resisted scrapbooking so far, but I sure can see that Make It Free! going into the Christmas stockings this year, since Lots of my near relatives maintain lovely books.


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