Thursday, October 8, 2009

Headband Review

My good friend Theresa from TiLTCreations sent me this super cute headband to try out and give feedback on. Let me tell ya...I love it!!!
I first tried it the way I think most people would wear it. I'm not a big fan of my hair this way...but I wanted to try several different hair styles. I wore it for a couple of hours this way and the headband never budged! The velvet on the back side really holds it in place!
This shows how I would personally most wear the headband. I'm showing it two different ways pulled behind the ears and hair let out. Love it both ways :)
And even pulled back in a pony still stays put. I have to wear my hair up for work, so this would be great for keeping shorter hairs that don't fit in the pony, out of the way.
My favorite things about the headband are that it is so soft and doesn't give me a headache like plastic or metal ones tend to do! I also like that the material is long enough that it goes behind my ears and not the elastic...makes it even more comfy! And I like that it is tight on my head. I tend to have a smaller head, so I liked that it didn't gape and held tight to my head :)
I hope to see lots of these in Theresa's shop soon! I'm gonna have to get me a pink one!!!


  1. Great idea ...

    I like it best on you all ways except the first too.


  2. yippee!!! I think I'll have to do a few "sizes" though...Ruthie's went pop & my niece's was too the 3 bears :P

    Glad you liked it & it stays on...and I agree - the first way - does not look as good as the rest :)

    thanks (((hugs)))

  3. The headband look cute on you, and looks very comfy, too.

  4. What a cute headband and you did a great review of it! I like it all ways, just because you're such a cutie, but the first one does tend to make your hair look like puppy dog ears!

  5. Super cute! I hate headbands for the simple reason that I can't get them to fit my apparently odd shaped head! I'll have to check them out!


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