Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where Do I Even Begin!!!

Wow...time sure has a way of slipping away from us, doesn't it!!! I thought after the first of the year that I'd have all kinds of time to get inventory ready for my big show in March! Boy was I wrong! I've been staying so busy with custom orders (yay!) that I haven't gotten a chance to even start on inventory!!! With the show 5 weeks away...where do I even begin!
I need to finish (make that start and finish) 6 more Custom Albums before I can even start on inventory! My plan is to get these knocked out this week and have the weekend and remaining time to get inventory ready.
But where do I begin? What do I work on first? What is the most important to take with me? How many of each item do I bring? There seem to be more questions than answers!!!
But stress I will not! I am trying to stay in the frame of mind that "what gets done gets done". Stress will get me nowhere. I just need to be realistic with the time frame I have and decide what to work on and the get my rear in gear!!!
So...how do you organize your time when you have more things to do than time to do them in? What do you think I should bring the most of to my show? I'd love to hear from you :)
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  1. I agree with your way of keeping stress at bay. Wish I was as good at it as you.

    I love your word albums, and the flip flop ones. What do you get the most custom orders for?

  2. I guess it's better to have too much to do, than not having enough! I'm a list maker, so that's what I suggest. Maybe just a big ol' list of everything, and then a look through and numbering what's most important.

    To bring: definitely bring a book of samples, for people to order from. And bring different kinds... you never know what someone will like! Your books are very reasonable... I would say don't forget some inexpensive items, but I don't think people will have a problem paying.

    Hope that helps! {:-D

  3. I agree with storybeader about bringing samples. You probably will not have enough time to make a sizeable inventory.You ought to also consider some sort of timeline when you will stop accepting custom orders until after the show or increase your wait time for delivery.
    I like your flip flops and the special series (can't remember the exact name). THose are both fun and pretty.

    Good luck. (oh, and my husband believes in the power of writing down all of the things you have to do; prioritize and then check off).

  4. Only suggestion I have is...create something "just for fun" in the midst of the chaos every once in awhile to help destress ya :)

  5. I agree with all of the above. I, too, am a great list maker. I use a spiral notebook, that I make notes and diagrams in. I diagram the setup, I list all the items and their prices (so I can make notes later--right beside the prices--as to what sold, how many & any other notes about the item that customers offered).

    I love that you are trying not to let yourself be stressed. Some things we can do and some we can't; the trick is deciding between the two!

  6. haha that always happens to me, I leave things a little too late and then it's a mad dash to the end. However, deadlines seem to work for me, I get a lot done and always on time - I guess it stops my usual procrastination! lol

  7. Everyone has great ideas so far! What kind of show is it? Whatever it's geared more to could be what you decide to take - like wedding or spring or travel, etc. A mixture of all your items would be good so people can see everything you do and then order exactly what they want if you didn't get a chance to make it up.

  8. You have a wonderfully poitive attitude; I'm sure you'll finish just enough!

  9. yikes! At least having orders is about the best reason to be behind :)
    Just do one at a time & try not to stress...easier said than done, I know...


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