Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scrapbook Tool/Toy Wish List

I've officially found my next tool/toy I want to buy!!! The only question is...can I make myself wait?
This super-awesome gadget will make things so much easier in my world! Right now there isn't a cutter on the market that will cut through my heavy chipboard very well. I have to score it with a cutter and then hand cut everything with my xacto knife. It works, but it's not a very ideal process! In 4 easy swipes of the blade, the Zutter Kutter will cut through my chipboard with no problem!!!
Now to the waiting part! It is available for preorder right now! And I'm so tempted to just go ahead and buy it! The only problem is the price tag: $170.00! I know if I can make myself wait until April, my wholesaler will have it available and I can order it much cheaper from them. What's a girl to do? Can I make myself wait and save some money? You'll be the first ones to know...because you can guarantee I'll be blogging about it the minute it's in my hands!!!
What's on your crafty tool/toy wish list right now? Share with us a super cool gadget in your crafty area :)


  1. Another Tool/Toy for you!! LOL

  2. You can do it - wait! Looks awesome though :)

  3. Sounds pretty cool! Does it make the curves and everything for the letters? I don't have anything on my wishlist right now except maybe my own crafting area. My mom has been making cards and stuff to keep busy and she can't find any scrapbook paper or stickers with cats and dogs so she has me looking for that stuff in my spare time. So far no luck. If you have any ideas I'd appreciate them!

  4. Looks like a fun toy!! And since it is also super practical - totally worth getting! My wish list item would need another zero tacked on...therefore - not gonna happen :P


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