Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Features-Laser Beams in my Dreams

My laser cutter showed up yesterday!!! Though I can't use it until my training next Friday, I'm just excited to have it and I'm one step closer to making all my ideas reality!
I've had this goofy song by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils called Chicken Train stuck in my head lately!
The second verse goes like this:
Lazer my dream Lazer my dream Lazer my dream I can't get on, I can't get off lazer beam like a sawed off dream

So today's features all have laser beams in them. Some fun features to put a smile on your face :)

Rooster With Lazer Eyes

by rhodaperdition

If looks could kill.

by LeiaFacewalker

Temporarily Blind

by MonicaKatzenell


  1. How great! Wouldn't think that wold be easy to find :P

  2. I thought the training was today! I bet you are just going to stare and touch that new toy:)

  3. LOL! Love your feature! Your mind is going to be so full of ideas by next Friday that you'll be on that cutter every spare second you have!

  4. I laughted when I saw the first feature of the Chicken! Great! And congrats on the new gadget!

  5. Glad you finally got your printer!

  6. LOL!! You are outta control this post is hilarious!!


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