Thursday, September 29, 2011

Have It Your Way With Custom Options

One thing I love about the items I offer...They can all be customized! Pretty much everything I make can be changed/personalized/designed to fit each person's needs and ideas. I love doing custom work as each item is special and unique :)
I recently started making Real Wood Greeting Cards. For now, I only offer them in one size. But that doesn't stop me from making them any size you'd like! I had a custom request for a larger card with a special tree design. I went searching for the perfect tree and made the card 5"x10" (twice the size of my normal cards!) and even made a special printed card with instructions for the recipient.
I also recently started making Wood Guest Books and Photo Albums. Again, I offer these in one size and with 20 pages. But I can add extra pages, make the album larger, etc. I can also customize the font and wording any way my customers like :) Here is a book I just shipped out yesterday with a Spanish inscription.
I sold a Custom Photo Ornament at a show recently and the buyer was concerned because she wanted all three of her boys on one ornament and she didn't think they'd fit in a circle format. No problem...I made it into an oval instead :)
And don't forget about my Custom Name Albums. These can be made ANY way you like! I have yet to come across a request I couldn't fill with these :) I started making these in 4"x12" sizes until I had a customer request an album that would fit 4"x6" photos. Along came my 6.5"x12" albums...and people love them!
I also recently made my first ever 11.5"x12" Custom Double Name Album! This album was so fun and I never would have thought to make one this big if I hadn't had the request :) I LOVE Custom :)
Do you offer custom items in your shop? You just might want to consider it :)
This is my favorite post from this week, so I'm linking it up at Artful Rising! Come check it out!


  1. Ah! I ADORE the little guestbook! Very neat creations you have there. I'm blown away by the double decker you got going on with the name album too. VERY nice work!

  2. new follower - love the personalized guestbook - very clever

  3. Teeheehee ... your work is great, you are awesome!

    Just love the huge album, and the drinking glasses with the last name on them too.

  4. Everything looks great, Edi. I look forward to all of the nifty ideas you come up with!

  5. Edi - all those items are so cool! I like that you have a variety of fonts to choose from!

  6. I really like the wood albums and ornament. The album would be great at a cabin or lake house! Isn't wood a bit acidic though? Just wondering how you handle this with the albums.

  7. Well there you go again giving me more ideas for things I'd like from you! I offer custom items but they aren't nearly as creative as what you can do!

  8. I'm so glad that your new wooden items are doing so well! It's awesome the way you've managed to do so many customizations. It really opens up the possibilities for your already amazing shop.

    I have done a number of custom orders over the last few years. Some of them have been favorite pieces of mine while others have given me ideas for new projects.

  9. I love to give personalized gifts. They are so special!

    Love your Christmas ornaments!


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