Monday, January 9, 2012

Me...By the Numbers

Back in November, I did an ABCs of Me post. I got such a great response from this post that I thought a By the Numbers post would be just as fun! Get to know me a little my numbers :)
  • 1...# of ER visits. (I tried to cut my finger off with an xacto knife...all better now.)
  • 2...# of times I've been out of the country (Mexico with a school group and The Bahamas with my parents...both were amazing!)
  • 3...# of dogs Jesse and I have owned (Sidney, Bo and Harley)
  • 4...I have a 4 year degree in Business Management
  • 5...# of cats we currently have (Momma Kitty, Chevy, Tiger, Junior and Keystone)
  • 6...64 is my favorite # (cheated a little here...LOL!)
  • 7...A # I always play on roulette. (My birthday is April I always do a 4/7 split :)
  • 8...# of years we have owned our home.
  • 9...# of years I have been employed at my current job.
  • 10...# of years I've been out of high school. (Wow! Has it been 10 years already!)


If any of my readers decide to do a By the Numbers post as well, please leave me a link...I'd love to read yours too :)


  1. What a fun post. You have a LOT of cats! I may do this for my Wednesday post and link back.

  2. Like your post :) I'm from Mexico!! what part of Mexico have you been in???

  3. What a fun idea!

    Glad your finger is all better! Oh please post a pic of your cats sometime, I'd love to "meet" them :)

  4. Another cool idea! Will probably do mine next Tuesday, had so much fun with the ABC's!

  5. Fun post, Edi!
    10 years out of high school is a surprise. It becomes even more shocking as more years add up!
    64 has me thinking of the Beatles songs---"Will you still love me? Will you still need me?"
    glad your finger is OK.
    agree with Duni--let's see those cats!

  6. Holy animals! And I'm so impressed that you've been at your current job for 9 years. You must love it (and have bosses that aren't crazy). :-)

  7. these are always fun! Didn't know you had 5 cats! Well, I actually didn't know a lot of these things... {:-D

  8. And I thought my *2* cats was a lot! You're a brave, patient woman. ;)

    This was fun. I think I'm going to do this once I get done reading this morning! :)

  9. Living in the country I guess you end up with lots of critter help:)
    Glad your finger is better--bet that was scary.

    It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

  10. What a great idea for a post! I'm glad you still have your finger :)

  11. This was fun! I've been sitting here counting the number of times I've done different things. I'll probably be thinking about it all day...thanks, haha!!

  12. Fun post, would make a good scrapbook page! Glad your finger is OK, I avoid those exacto knives!

  13. Fun meme! I've been out of high school for 10 years, too. It is hard to believe!

  14. It's fun seeing your top 10! Now I'd like to see those 5 kitties! :)

  15. Fun idea for a post! It is always nice to get to know my bloggie friends better.
    Everyday Inspired

  16. what a great idea! :) i am going to check our you ABC's one too! 5 cats, CUTE!i hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I am also hosting a giveaway :) xo

  17. Very fun blog post - great way to get to know you better. I have had a lot of kitties and doggies, too ;-)

  18. Here's a link to my Me -- By the Numbers post:

    (I've been out of high school 40 years!)


  19. Fun post! I didn't know you'd been employed where you are now for nine years, or that you were out of high school for 10. I know it's a cliche, but time sure flies!


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