Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Goals Review

Welcome to November! Let the holiday madness begin :)
October was another great month at Memories for Life! I love being able to say that. Since quitting my job in June, I've been nothing but thrilled with my decision! I absolutely love working from home and Etsy has really made that possible!

Feather Earrings
Shop Goals:
Last month I raised my sales goal from 2 sales per day to 3 and I'm thrilled to report that I met my goal! With 92 sales, October was an awesome month! Even better, I had 2 really big orders, so my revenue was even better than expected! (And lets face it, that's what really matters!)
I had my two biggest shows in October as well and both ROCKED! I was very happy with my shows last month!
I had set a goal for shop admirers at 1,000 by year end. But one of my friends pointed out that this goal isn't as important as my sales goal, so I'm not too worried if I meet it. I'm currently at 884 and probably won't meet this by year end. But if my sales are rockin', I'm okay with that :)

Doggy Ornament...Coming Soon!
Blog Goals:
Not much to report here. Still blogging about 6 days per week. I thought about cutting back my blogging to 5 days, but haven't figured out what to cut out. Maybe Tuesdays?
I'm happy with my growing number of readers and commentors...I love comments!

Wine Charms...Coming Soon!
Personal Goals:
As I reported last month, my exercise routine has pretty much been sidelined. I just can't get myself back into a routine I enjoy. On the upside, I have been eating a lot better. I started using a program called Body by Vi and am liking it so far. It's a little boring, but easy to stick with. And at lunch I eat either a Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers frozen meal. I've also started eating spinach wraps as well. I hate all the sodium that's in the frozen meals, so I'm trying to cut back on those as well. I'm down a couple pounds, but nothing major. I'm just happy I'm learning to eat a little healthier and hoping to make lasting changes.

Hair Clips...Coming Soon!
 My creativity is kickin' and I've been making lots of new little things to add to the shop! Now I just need to make time to photograph and list all of them!
How was your October? Are you ready for the holiday madness?


  1. I'm so happy you're exceeding your sales goals, Edi! Your new tree ornament looks so cute as do the hair clips :)
    I feel a bit guilty, because I'm not sticking to my exercise routine either! Spinach wraps sound good :)

  2. Congrats on your continued success!!! I'm sure you'll have an outstanding holiday season. I just ordered the feather earrings for my daughter.

  3. Yay for better than expected sales! It sounds like you are doing great. I also need to get back in the exercise habit. Once you stop, it's so hard to start again!

  4. oooh congrats to you! How do you blog 6 days a week? I'm at about 3-4 and still find that challenging! Love all the new items ... would you consider selling wood components to us beady types?

  5. Great selling goals - good for you! October really sucked for me! lol
    But everything is up from here. DH fixed my sewing machine, so I'll be sewing paper and maybe cloth later, if I can find something inexpensive that I like! {:-D

  6. Congrats on all your sales! I love that dog bone! Hope you do something kitty related too! Those hair clips are so cute too. I don't wear them but maybe I should start!

  7. I like the dog bone ornament!

    It's great that you're working toward your goals and reaching them!!

    I'm still working on my goals too. I may not be ready for the holidays...I might need to knit more hats...eeek!

  8. Congrats on having such a successful month, and meeting your goals! I'm looking forward to seeing all the new items you will be adding to your shop. I'm sure November will be a big month for you as well.
    Everyday Inspired

  9. I'm so happy for you that you had another great month! You're absolutely right about the sales and big orders. It's great to see lots of Etsy "likes" and blog followers, but in the end, the revenue is what will make or break you. I know that you're going to have an amazing holiday season this year. I look forward to seeing more of your new items.

  10. Congratulations on all those sales!
    You keep coming up with the best new items!

  11. Congrats on meeting your sales goal. That's awesome!
    You're not the only one to sideline the fitness...Maybe we can motivate each other.
    I am LOVING these newbies you've previewed for us all here today. The doggy ornament is just too cute. The wine charms are great, and the hair clips are so cool! I've got some pinning to do right now...

  12. Shoot...I can't pin them, because they're not listed yet. I'll have to wait!

  13. How exciting to have such an outstanding month and reach your goals! I'm very happy for you! I think you're going to have an awesome holiday season.

  14. Many congrats!!! Your accomplishments are so inspiring! What a fantastic idea with the wine glass charms. I used to make and sell them when I did jewelry parties and would almost sell out every time! They will be a hit! Good job with the healthy eating. I used to cook big meals for myself when I was single and freeze individual sized portions so it was like a simple frozen meal without the large quantities sodium!

  15. Congratulations on all your success! You certainly have worked hard for it and you have some awesome products to show for it. I always like seeing your new products and where you take them. : )

  16. Congrats!!! Since lots of sales can come from word of mouth or repeat customers, the numbers of shop admirers may not be that crucial for sure. Very fun new items - the hair clips are sooo cute!

  17. Congratulations on meeting the goal! The combination of artistry and entrepreneurship in you is amazing and very inspiring ) you could teach success training courses, seriously!

    The wooden bones and hair clips are lovely!


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