Monday, May 19, 2014

Button Album Closure

I've really enjoyed coming up with new designs for my buttons. I hadn't, however, thought of any new uses for my buttons. I recently got a request to put some type of closure on a photo album and knew my wooden buttons were the perfect item for the job!

As with any new creation, this took a little bit of thought. I had to figure out how to attach the button to the album. And then I had to figure out how to actually close the book using the button. I found some narrow ribbon did the job well.

The buyer was very happy with the final product, which made me happy as well :)
 Have you come up with any new uses for your current products lately?


  1. I love this Edi! The button closure is a beautiful touch.

  2. Ah, you've got the idea again! Bravo, Edi!

  3. So clever! I did think of a new way to list some of my Room Kits on Etsy! It's not exactly the same, but I feel pretty smart for thinking of some alternate wordings, haha.

  4. Very cute and a wonderful idea!

  5. Very good idea! I used to have a journal with a tie closure that wrapped around a button like this...I love the vintage feel of it. :)

  6. Cool idea!

    I think my biggest new/different thing is making tablecloth weights out of the round knots I'm always tying.

  7. This is a great idea - and clever you for making your own buttons!



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