Thursday, May 1, 2014

Recent Name Albums

I had another fun order for Name Albums recently. This is a repeat buyer who had very specific requests for these albums. Her first album was for a soon-to-be graduate.
She sent along special papers that I was able to use on the outside of the book as well as embellishments inside the book.

Her next book was a lot of fun to make. Each page was for a specific person, so each page was a different color to correlate with their interests.

One for a couple who likes to travel...

One for a new baby...

And one for a tennis loving couple...

I love the colors in both these albums and how they turned out! I never get tired of seeing all the fun new requests for these albums!


  1. Gorgeous books!!! As always I love the pretty details :)

  2. Love the red white and blue! I bet they will make someone very happy.

  3. WOW!! You have been busy! Love the graduation album.

  4. How awesome! I never get tired of seeing the requests for your name albums either.

  5. Your name albums keep getting better and better! Hmmm, do I need another one? :)

  6. Love the tennis one--it's different!

  7. very cool! and clever!
    Your name albums are wonderful!


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