Thursday, September 25, 2014

Camping & A Wedding

Last weekend we attended Jesse's cousin's wedding and got to camp for the weekend as well.
We bought our camper earlier this summer, but hadn't gotten a chance to use it until now. Where did summer go?!?

I made sure to take a picture of our camper (yes, the one in the back of that truck) and a fancy camper in the background. All the other campers in the park were nice like that...probably anywhere from $10-100k! We were quite the talk of the RV! Yes, we're a little bit redneck :)

But hey, it has a bed, heater, air conditioner, sink, stove and bathroom. What more could we ask for. Jesse even cooked me breakfast the first morning :)

And I got a mani/pedi before the wedding courtesy of Jesse's aunt :) I realized that I hadn't had my finger nails painted since Christmas!

And I had my toes painted to match my shirt. Loving the tribal trend!

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous! The couple got married in front of a rock climbing wall at a rec. park that they both used to work at. The location was so pretty with trees and wildflowers in the background. And the bride was definitely a stunner!

What a great way to say goodbye to summer. Bring on fall!


  1. Compared to what I typically see here, those campers are huge! Nice of Jesse to make breakfast :)
    I love the feather accent on your pink nails and how cool to have your toenails match your outfit!!
    Looks like it was an all around great weekend and wedding!

  2. The camper looks great inside! Pretty nails! Great photo--love your tribal top. What a cool backdrop for the wedding--beautiful wedding dress. So glad you had a nice weekend!

  3. Your nails are super pretty! I always intend on trying something like that, but never do, I would probably make a big mess :-)

  4. Ooooooh, I totally understand your camper now. I've seen those before. It's more spacious than it looks from the outside!

    Love your tribal shirt. I'm getting into that trend, too, and I'm trying to talk my husband into some tribal patterns around the house. He's not sold. Haha.

  5. Looks like a fun time! I would have wondered about a wedding ceremony in front of a climbing wall, but it looks very pretty!

  6. Yours is a cool camper, no matter what the big boys say!! Did you make your tribal necklace? It looks like you could have :)

  7. What fun! Like you said, you had everything you needed and had a good time as well. And to have breakfast cooked for you! You look adorable, nails, clothes and all. The picture of the bride and groom is beautiful as well. It's so nice to get away once in a while.

  8. Glad you got to go camping finally! It was very nice of Jesse to cook breakfast too! I like the tribal look way better than chevron! Best wishes to the newlyweds!

  9. That is so awesome! All of it. =)

    I looked at the picture before I read the text and though hey - that's a climbing wall! Very neat. I love the feather design on your nail and your cool shirt and necklace! It looks like an excellent weekend.

  10. I'm glad that you got out with the camper before the weather turns cool. I love your nail colors, and the wedding site looks beautiful.

  11. I can see you have had great time! You are very beautiful and your shirt is very cool ) I love your nails! and your camper... must be a very convenient thing... I am thinking about a mountain cabin but maybe a camper is a better option.

  12. Wow! I can't believe the camper has all those amenities in it! You're right, that is all you need. Your mani-pedi is fabulous! I'm in love with the bride's gown. Stunning!


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