Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Baby Name Album - Elephants

My most recent custom name album was for an adorable baby book. The nursery is decorated in mainly elephants with a few other jungle animals as well. I had so much fun finding cute embellishments for this book!

Nathan's Elephant Book
(sorry for the terrible photos, these pastels made them hard to edit!)

Adorable elephant embellishments

And other cute little jungle animals

I have these books deactivated in my shop as I catch up on 4 other albums! I will relist them as soon as possible, but they won't be in my shop for long. I will be deactivating them again in early November (or sooner if orders require it). So if you've been thinking about a custom name album for a Christmas gift, please contact me so I can ensure your order :)


  1. That is adorable! What a cute giraffe :)
    Congrats on the new orders!!!

  2. That is SO CUTE!! No wonder you have lots of requests for your special name albums. Just adorable!

  3. That's such a lovely idea - unfortunately my kids are a bit too old (twenties). The elephant is so adorable!

  4. Nathan is my husband's name, but he's too old for this. Haha. I love the baby animals.

  5. That is so adorable! Your name album is one of the most pinned items in my Pinterest!

  6. Love your name albums and this is a cute one!

  7. Adorable, love the colours you choose and the baby elephants :-)


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