Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free Gift-Magnificent Presentation!!!

In December, my friend and fellow EtsyBlogger team mate Patch from PatchFirstShop had her 1st Etsy anniversary and hosted a giveaway to celebrate :) I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of a gift certificate to her shop!!!
I chose a beautiful pair of earrings that I just love!!!
But what impressed me more than the jewelry itself was the presentation of the packaging and the care and time she put into the package! I wanted to show you each piece of this wonderful gift :)
I just couldn't get over how much detail she put on the envelope! I love to get the mail...but this was over the top! She drew on the envelope and decorated it to look so cute!
Then when I opened the package, I first saw this cute thank you envelope, and in it...a surprise gift! How thoughtful is that!!!
Patch also has a supply shop where she makes and sells these great bags that her jewelry comes in. She sews them and hand embroiders the details on them! I love this color!
The earrings themselves were even in their own little container with a cute ribbon tied on top :)
I just can't get over how wonderful this package was! From the envelope to the jewelry and everything in between...Patch really thinks of her customers and puts in that extra touch to make the buying experience special :)
Thanks so much Patch!!!


  1. cute earrings, and the bag is hand embroidered? WOW! very nice. {:-D

  2. You're very welcome, Edi!!!

    Drawing an envelope is my favorite part when I had orders.. I thought about printing them out.. but I think this way my customers will feel like they receive a special gift than just something they order.. so I will continue this until I have too many orders... hahahaha

    Thank you for sharing in every detail.. :D

  3. splendid!

    Now that was over-the-top wonderful!

  4. Beautiful earrings and lovely surprise ring! Patch's packaging is so wonderful! I was lucky enough to receive a package from her before too and I kept my envelope and just marvel at the detail. Of course I love the piece she created too! She's truly special and her work is fabulous!

  5. Congrats on the lovely earrings - and what a great job Patch did in packaging!

  6. Wow!! The packaging looks fantastic!! Sometimes when I go to the more expensive stores and buy things for myself, I lie and say it's a gift so they would wrap it nicely.

    Etsy sellers do it without being told so! And Patch really thought of everything!

  7. Very, very impressive! Now I have to reconsider my entire "shipping" detail. This is very exciting!!!

    Thank you SO much for sharing, the motivation is priceless.

  8. I'm enjoying your blog. It's really informative about shipping purpose.
    Keep up the good work all right.


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