Monday, January 18, 2010

Frozen Beauty

I think I've taken more pictures of trees this winter than any other time in my life...LOL! I just can't get enough of their frozen beauty!
This last week we had freezing fog almost every morning and sometimes into the afternoons. The fog wasn't so great and the roads weren't always the best...but the moisture they left on the trees made it all worth it!
I wish these pictures did them more justice...they are really a site to see :) Each morning on our drive home I just admire their beauty and remind myself that without the bad weather...I wouldn't have this beauty in my life!


  1. "without the bad weather...I wouldn't have this beauty in my life!"

    Exactly! And I right there w/you on the beauty..the photo's are awesome!!!

  2. It's so beautiful, to be out in the countryside and not have buildings and cars to ruin the scenery! I can just see you, jumping outside in boots, to take a photo! {:-D

  3. Gorgeous. I really like these kind of photos. Stay warm!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Looks like snowy Narnia!

  5. Those are very beautiful! Looks pretty chilly though!

  6. beauteous! an inspiring sight on the way home from a long night at work.


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