Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thoughts on Shipping

I finally took the plunge and purchased a scale! I'm not sure what took me so long...I guess I just wasn't sure how to go about using it and shipping with it.
Well...I shipped my first packages today using it. It was super easy! For the most part I use only one size of that makes it really easy! I took these to the post office to double check that I had done everything right and I was good to go :)
In deciding whether to buy a scale or is the list of pros and cons I came up with and thought I would share them with you.
  • Cheaper rates
  • Free delivery confirmation
  • Pickup from my postal carrier
  • More convenient


  • Doubt on my part...what if I don't weigh it correctly, what if the label rips off, what if, what if...
  • Where am I going to put this thing?
  • How do I know which one to buy?
  • How do I go about measuring odd-sized packages?
  • Which options do I choose online?

In the end I think this will be a good choice :) I will probably end up buying self-adhesive labels just because I am still leery that the paper labels could get ripped if another package slides across the top of them. And I think I will still go to the post office for odd-sized packages and envelopes just to be safe.

I'm interested in knowing how you ship your packages! Do you take each one to the post office? Do you have a scale? What carrier do you use? I would also love to hear any advice you have for shipping and using a scale :)


  1. Great idea - I don't know how much shipping you do, but it should be able to measure all size packages.
    I ship packages to India all the time, those I definitely have to take to the PO - usual cost for packages is $25 - $35. I try to squish everything into very large padded envelopes - saves a lot of money that way.
    Good luck with your new toy :)

  2. I don't have a lot of packages going out, so I go to the post office. And on jewelry, I used delivery confirmation. Everything in the US is free s/h

  3. Since my dad is a retired Postmaster, he got me a scale so I can figure all my shipping here. I only have to go to the post office for international packages - and even then I fill out the forms here before taking them in. I print out my labels from PayPal and tape up my packages thorougly cause I worry about the label coming off too. The USPS website gives a discount on Priority mail postage when buying online which is nice. And you can schedule a pickup to make sure your carrier stops by to pick them up.

  4. I echo beaded tail above. I have a scale and weigh everything--box, item(s), wrapping, papers--whatever will go in the box. Then I print my label using PayPal or USPS (online has priority only). Delivery confirmation is free that way. I downloaded "shipping assistant" from USPS.

  5. Since I had very under estimated shipping cost for several orders, I use a scale to weight all my items and adding the packaging weight.. then go to Thai Post Website to calculate the shipping cost.. and then add them to shipping profiles like 250g, 500g, 750g, etc.. so when I list new items I know their weight and select the nearest profile which has a small gap on weight.. this gap will be the benefit for me coz sometimes I forgot to add bubble weight.. but I make clear shipping in my shop policies that I will charge as real shipping cost only.. the over charging will be refunded.. This is my shipping in my supply and vintage shop.. for jewelry shop, this year I still offer free shipping.. so I know I will be headache next year..

    Glad you have a scale, it's the important tool for sellers.. :D

  6. I have a scale and print the label from paypal for domestic mail. Since the PO is so close I take the packages--it is always a good excuse to get out with the kids. But it did take about three or four packages before I was convinced that my scale was correct!

  7. Good idea Edi! I've thought of it, but really should sell some volumn first like you are before taking the plung. I have a PO Box, so I got anyway...

  8. I'm old school- I just go to the post office. ;) And I ALWAYS use Delivery Confirmation for US deliveries.

  9. I use a scale, and print label from either Paypal or USPS. Then I use a glue stick to ahere the label to the package. Then I tape, clear tape, carefully around the edges of the label--as you know, you cannot tape over the bar codes. This seems to work for me.


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