Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Features-Road Trip

And we're off! Jesse and I are headed to meet my parents in Southern Missouri today!!! I'm so ready for a vacay and some relaxation!!! But of course we have that inevitable drive to get there first! Maybe these cute finds will make the trip more enjoyable!
by BeBopMoon Are you doing any traveling this weekend? Where will your road trip take you?


  1. I love the journal and earrings! Have a great trip. :)

  2. fun earrings! Hope you have a good time with your parents... you always do! {:-D

  3. Have a good time in Missouri! I think it is about time for my hubby and I to take a trip there to visit relatives, soon!

  4. Cute finds! Have a great time in Missouri! We had a long day at the coast yesterday so will probably stay home this weekend.

  5. Very fun features! Love them all =) LOL - I live just a few miles from Route 66.


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