Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Grandparent's Day

I came across this photo recently and knew I had to add it to my collection :) I love finding photos of my grandparents from when they were young!
And at 79 and 87, they still act and feel young (most days)! They travel for the winter. My grandpa still farms. They dress up and go to theme parties every year. My grandpa golfs and my grandma plays bridge. It's so great that they are still active and able to do the things they enjoy :)
I thought today was the perfect day to share it with you being that it's Grandparent's Day :)


  1. Oh that's a great picture! Has to be the 70s with all those prints! Happy Grandparents Day to your Grandpa and Grandma!

  2. What a wonderful photo, as well as a tribute to your grandparents!

  3. That's wonderful--the photos, the stories, how your grandparents enjoy their lives!

  4. It Is a wonderful photo! Makes me think of pictures of my own grandparents when they were young, but that was so long ago some of them show Grandpa wearing a string tie and standing next to his horse, lol. (They're totally cool, too. =oD )


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