Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Features-Love is in the Air

Though Jesse and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, that doesn't mean it's not a day for love :) Everyday should be a day for love! That's why I've chosen love-themed items for today instead of Valentine items. These would be great for all year long :)
Have a love-ly day :)


  1. I love Valentines Day because of all the hearts and of course I love love! Great finds! I think you might find one of these on my blog today. :)

  2. Wow - thank you so much for featuring my "Love" blocks - you made my day!


    Punkin Seed Productions

  3. We should never just save love for one day a year!!

  4. great LOVEs....that rock, well, rocks :)

  5. Edi, my husband and I don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day, either, although he will often bring me flowers. In the end, I agree that love should be in the air every day. Love your love book, by the way!

  6. thanks for all the love from your blog! {:-D


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