Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday-One Comfy Kitty


  1. I got the cat to come into the garage where she is happily sleeping on warm towels. I think she likes the fact that I am doing laundry right now!

    Wish I could be cuddled up on soft warm jackets and blankets, too:)

  2. looks comfy. It's cold/cold here. Six degrees before wind chill... {:-D

  3. I completely agree with what you said on my post. I am still frustrated at my not being to make certain things because I could not find the materials that a potential customer had asked for. I hope that will happen less but my husband says that at least people are asking!

    I am sure your cutter will be awesome with all kinds of letters!!

  4. Aw, good to see that everyone is staying warm today!

  5. She/he reminds me of a cat I had years ago--Truder! Fond memories!

  6. She certainly looks very comfy, cozy, content and cute!


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