Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Go Do Your Homework!

I feel like a sponge lately! I've been taking in as much info as I possibly can about my new laser and all the materials I can use with it. I've been scouring the Internet for good resources and joined a great forum called Saw Mill Creek with a special Engravers Forum! It is more information than I could take in in a lifetime!
Since buying my laser, I feel like I've gone back to school, only now the homework is fun :) And I have a new kind of science experiment! I've been learning new software, new settings for the laser, buying fun new materials to work with and so much more! And you know what...I have a new excitement for creating!!! All I want to do is learn and play!
Not to sound like your mother, but I encourage you to do the same...Go Do Your Homework! You might just find a new project to try, a new material to work with, or a new tool you can't live without! And I hope it brings you an excitement to create as it did for me :)
Gotta run...my laser is calling :)


  1. excitement! a new toy! Isn't that a good bit of what makes life fun?

  2. Good for you, have fun with it! I've found there's always something new to learn! :)

  3. I agree, learning is fun, and keeps you young too!

  4. I too agree w/you, and am very excited about my having learned how to make my new cuff line. Got the directions from a jewelry magazine and added my own ... part of me to make them my design. Wish it didn't take about 12 hours, over a few days to make one they excite me so much. Just want to stock my shop and am hoping that they are a success.

  5. Love that ring! I feel the same way about the new beadwoven bracelets I've recently learned. I can't wait until I have more time to do my homework though! Can you laser in more time in a day please?

  6. that's wonderful. yes, it happens to me too, and I don't have the time to experiment with everything! So glad you're having a good time with it! {:-D

  7. Learning something new is always an adventure! I just ordered myself a Zutter Cutter (heavy-duty chipboard cutter), and can't wait to try out some new projects. But it's not a laser!


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