Monday, July 2, 2012

June Goals Review

Well, it's my first month of full-time self-employment. How are things going? In a word...AMAZING! I couldn't be happier that I quit my job to focus on my business full-time! It really is a dream come true!

Some of the things I like best about self-employment:
*Getting to sleep at night again! I worked the graveyard shift for 10 years getting up at 9:30 at night! I still get up pretty early (about 3 or 4am) but I still get to sleep at night :)
*The flexibility self-employment offers! I work when I want, take break when I want, run errands when I want...I love it!
*Taking on larger orders! There have been a couple orders already that I may have had to turn down had I been working another full-time job still. This is just a sign that I made the right decision :)

Now, onto my goals! Last month I reassessed my current goals and added a few new ones.
Shop Goals:
I doubled my goal from one sale per day to two. As of today (written on 6/28...had to schedule ahead), I have 83 sales!!! Which means I'm way past my goal and almost at the 3 sales per day on average!
I also extended my goal of shop admirers from 750 to 1,000! That means I need about 36 new admirers each month. For June, I gained 29 new admirers...pretty darn close (and still a few days left)!

Blog Goals:
One of my biggest goals for my blog is to schedule blogs ahead of time and work blogging into my new schedule. As you can see, I'm doing rather well at this since this post was written 5 days in advance! I'm out of town for part of this week, so it required me to schedule a little more ahead than usual. But I'm doing great and writing 2-3 posts when I sit down to schedule posts :)

Other Business Goals:
This is one area where I haven't hit my mark yet. I knew these things wouldn't happen over night, so I'm okay that they're not getting done yet. My goals were to contact wedding planners, reception halls and build inventory for a large show this fall. Quite honestly, I've been too darn busy keeping up with orders to think about these things. But I do see them happening in the near future :)

Personal Goals:
I am excited to report that I am back to exercising!!! And it feels great! I missed getting outside and enjoying the sun :) It's about the only time I actually get outside! I've been alternating between walking and jogging and I've started jogging further and further. We have some pretty good hills in our area, so the walking is great for toning! I've averaged 3-5 days each week this month. I'd like to make it a consistent 5 days every week, but for now, I'm just so happy to be back at it :)

How was your June? Any big goals planned for July?


  1. This is such a positive post. I'm really happy for you! So nice to read everything is working out. I still can't believe how much you got done even while on your shift. Admirable!

  2. I'm glad to hear that your first month has been so successful. Congratulations on meeting and succeeding your goals.

  3. I'm so happy for you, Edi! I'm glad that you're enjoying the self-employment life style so much and that your business is doing well! Here's to a great second half of 2012. :)

  4. It is great to see how the goals are shaping up and that you have even increased a couple. Keep it up!

  5. Congratulations on being self-employed! May you have many happy and productive years!

  6. I'm so happy for you being self-employed and making so many of your goals and then some! You are so deserving of all your success Edi!

  7. I knew this day was coming and I'm so happy you took the plunge! I'm happy it's working well for you. Good that you are back to exercising. Sounds like your plan is coming together.


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