Thursday, July 12, 2012

What About Me?

About a month ago, Etsy introduced a new page within our shops. It's called an About Page. It only took me a month to get mine posted, but it's finally live!

I think it's cool that it gives separate descriptions for the shop owner and the shop itself. And I like that it shows a picture of the owner (if you choose to add one). I like to know who I'm working with and I love it when people have personal photos on their sites and blogs :)

Putting together my About Page made me realize that I wish I had more in-process photos. People can see photos of my finished products in my shop, but that's what I had to add to my about page since that's pretty much all I had on hand. So I hope to update my page soon with new photos of in-process work. I'd like to add photos of my "studio", but it pretty much looks like a tornado went through right now, so I doubt that happens soon! Do they sell maid services on Etsy :)

Have you created an About Page yet? Share your link in the comments...I'd love to see it!
 What do you think of mine?


  1. I was really happy when Etsy introduced the About Page. I added that straight away.
    The only problem I haven't solved yet is uploading photos that can actually be seen in full at the top. The format is weird somehow and only part of mine can be seen, I guess I need to resize...

  2. Great About page, Edi! I posted mine earlier this summer, but I share Duni's frustration with photos. I will probably change out photos in the future.

  3. It looks great Edi! An About page is a perfect addition to Etsy. I always enjoy reading about a creator's background or behind the scenes. I am sure customers would love seeing your in process work!

  4. Yours looks great! I still haven't made mine yet :O

  5. I think some in-process photos is a great idea. Your work station is a little different than many people.

    Here's my about page. I forgot I had multiple photos - that was a neat idea from Etsy!

  6. Nice reminder that I shouls set up mine, too! And yup, the only reason why I've been lingering is because I don't have enough photos of my process, and some of the most amazing about pages I've seen have great photos of the workspace of the artist :)


    I set my About Page up as soon as I noticed it was available. It's a way for customers to see a different side of us.

    Knitting is so simple and straightforward to me that focusing on the process seems odd. I'll keep editing the About page as I take more photos.

  8. I love the About pages! I filled mine out like, 3 seconds after it was announced. I'm in the same boat as you, though, about in-process shots. I tend to need both of my hands to work, so it's hard to get any good pictures. Eventually!

  9. I think that the About Page is a great idea, too. Hopefully it'll be a good asset for our shops. Your page looks great. I look forward to seeing more in progress photos of your work. I know that you've seen my page before, but here it is again:

  10. Yours looks great! I haven't done one yet and I don't ever remember to. Guess I'll have to write it on my list. I don't even remember to look at other people's page though.

  11. To-do list, definitely! I've been admiring all the ones in my circle that have shared theirs. Really does improve the experience for the buyer I think. MUST do this!

    BTW - great job on yours!


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